11 Questions You Always Wanted to Ask Adora

From Day One, Adora has been the fairy godmother of Babalu Miami. She is our very own Cuban goddess who protects us from above like a magic, hot pink umbrella. To us, she is the epitome of the spirit of Miami — fierce, fabulous, fashionable, and funny. Con salsa. So, for Christmas, we give you this — our holiday questionnaire. Paolo asks the questions; Adora answers.

Paolo: Pick a celebrity. Who would you invite to your house for Christmas dinner?

Adora: Gloria Swanson…(sigh) But, she’s not with us anymore. Maybe Fidel Castro. I have the perfect dish for him.

P: What’s your annual Christmas tradition? Noche Buena, Christmas Eve dinner Cuban style?
A: Every year my Christmas tradition is — shopping, eating, shopping, eating & shopping….what else?!? Oh, and, yes, my family gets together on Noche Buena for more eating. Si, this dress is getting a bit tight.

P: I see you watch your figure. What do you serve your guests? Cooking anything special?
A: Cooking is not my forte´, so I always tell the chef to make sure there’s plenty of wine and chocolate — lots of wine. Baby doll dresses are best for this time of year! Hides the tummy.

P: Any funny childhood memories of Christmases Past?
A: I have many Christmas memories from my childhood in Cuba — One is not being allowed to celebrate Christmas; another is the time we roasted a whole pig illegally. You could smell our lechon all over the neighborhood! Suddenly we had visitors…in uniforms…dark green military uniforms! Those men looked hot! My mother and father didn’t think so, of course. After we gave the police some lechon, they left us alone. I wanted them to stay for dinner and a shower, but daddy said no!

P: What are you wearing for Christmas, darling?
A: At this point I don’t know yet, but, I’m sure it will be loose and gold and sexy. It’s very important to look sexy at this time. Christmas is a big deal. Jesus is coming!

P: Any holiday fashion advice for your fans?
A: Simple: Don’t follow any trends; it never ends. Wear what makes you feel fabulous, and, remember: MORE IS ALWAYS BETTER.

P: What are you asking Santa for? Have you been naughty or nice?
A: I’ve been so naughty this year! I just told Santa to stop by Babalu Miami…with a big bag!

P: Any New Year resolutions?
A: New Year resolutions are a bit too rigid for me. I’ve never been good at following them. Maybe make sure I get paid more so I can spend more. Uh-hmmm.. that sounds good!

P: Any good advice for surviving those holiday parties?
A: After too much partying, most of us feel fat, bloated, tired and disgusted. Just go away, anywhere where we can’t see you! Please, hide, hide, hide until you look fabulous again!

P: What’s on your Babalu Wish List?
A: Oh, honey, my Babalu Wish List is extensive! For me, shopping at Babalu Miami, well, I’m like a kid in a candy store only minus the calories — jewels, handbags, sunglasses, jewels, scarves, perfume, jewels, hats, more jewels….

P. Adora is also a busy deejay. What’s on your Christmas party playlist?
A: I make sure I have my Frank Sinatra, Eartha Kitt, Ella Fitzgerald and Lena Horne.  At Christmas time they make me think of Jesus and having a martini.

P: Finally, where can we see you performing over Christmas & New Year’s?
A: Christmas time is always very busy for me. There are some private events where I’m either deejay-ing or performing. On Christmas Eve, I deejay the Annual Latin Christmas at Twist, 1057 Washington. On Christmas night, December 25, I’m spinning Our Crazy Holiday Party at The Vagabond, 30 NE 14 Street. New Year’s Eve I’m performing The Shameless Burlesque at The Vagabond so make sure you start 2012 shamelessly with lots of champagne, azucar, and Adora!

Have lots of fun this holiday! Be safe!



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2 Comments on “J’ADORA”

  1. merle weiss
    December 9, 2011 at 6:07 pm #

    I adore ADORA!!!

    • babalulu
      December 9, 2011 at 6:37 pm #

      We j’adore Adora tambien!

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