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Stephen Webster: Rock Master

The Stephen Webster Collection for Men and Women is now available in both Babalu Miami and Babalu Palm Beach.

Just last month we were invited to host the launch of Stephen Webster Men’s Jewelry Collection at Neiman Marcus, Bal Harbour. It was an honor to share the spotlight with one of the most talented designers of our times (see event images here).

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From left: Paolo Ambu, Stephen Webster, Greg Melvin

Here below some highlights from Stepehen Webster outstanding collection now in store at Babalu Miami and Babalu Palm Beach.

Women’s Mother of Pearl Collection

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Clockwise: Blue Crystal Haze Earrings, Mother of Pearl Fish-Scale Cuff, Blue Crystal Haze Ring, Mother of Pearl Fish-Scale Bib Necklace.

The Men’s Silver Collection

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From top: “No Regrets” Bracelet with Black Onyx Beads and Sterling Silver Raven Clasp, Sterling Silver “Love Hate” Cufflinks, Sterling Silver “Sex, Drugs & Rock ‘n Roll” Ring, Sterling Silver Necklace with Rubie and Black Sapphires Cross.

Ladurée est arrivé!

Laduree has arrived in Miami Beach and the town is simply delighted!

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Iconic purveyor of the most famous French macaroon since 1862 has finally opened its doors just across from Babalu Miami.  The petite shop is simply adorable and French service adds to this sweet fantasy. With flavors like Fleur d’Oranger, Cassis Violette and Marie Antoinette, it is definitely worth a visit to find out what’s inside these delectable morsels.

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1100 Lincoln Road
FL 33139, United States

Hampton Sun and Beyond

Newly arrived and now available at all Babalu boutiques, Hampton Sun is the hottest, safest and most luxurious way to enjoy the sun.

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Grant Wilfley & Salvatore Piazzolla at the iconic Clock Tower in Palm Beach

We were able to catch up with Sal for a quick Q&A during his last winter escape in Palm Beach.

Fave Beaches: Copper Beach, Southampton for summer and the Palm Beach beaches in the winter

Beach Day Must-Haves: John Varvatos sunglasses and of course Hampton Sun SPF 15 Face Cream – I don’t leave home without it!

Fave Beach Reading: Wall Street Journal & Palm Beach Illustrated

What’s on Your Beach Playlist: Diana Krall

Here’s some background on this amazing line… Inspired by the beautiful beaches of the Hamptons, founders Grant Wilfley and Salvatore Piazzolla created Hampton Sun, a complete line of luxury sun care, skincare and fragrance products that erases the line between sun care and skincare.  A modern formulation with care to every detail of the line’s creation and execution.

This perfect  two-in-one combination makes it the must-have protection for your next dip in the sun, and it turns out that it will work just as well on your favorite beaches too!

Babalu Opens at the Grand Dame of Deco – The Raleigh Hotel

We are proud to announce the opening of our new Babalu boutique at The Raleigh Hotel in Miami Beach.

Referred to as the Grand Dame of Art Deco for its style and architecture, The Raleigh Hotel is also known for its iconic swimming pool made famous by Easter Williams. Come to visit Babalu at the Raleigh, which features exclusive lines from Tom Ford Sunglasses to Dan Ward and Nina Swimwear, or simply enjoy a cocktail by the pool – you just can’t go wrong either way.

Check out this great article by Maria Tettamanti on Babalu at the Raleigh:

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Babalu at the Raleigh

1775 Collins Avenue, Miami Beach, FL 33139

T (305) 612 1160

Opening hours:
Monday – Saturday: 10am-10pm
Sunday: 10am – 8pm

Monkey Business in Palm Beach

Who knew? There are only two gravestones in the whole of Palm Beach Island, one of a dog and one of a monkey.

Buried next to each other are Laddie, the dog of socialites Rose and Morton Sachs and Johnnie Brown, Addison Mizner‘s spider monkey.

Mr. Mizner adored Johnnie Brown and would never go anywhere without him. At his passing Mr. Mizner was heartbroken and wanted to keep Johnnie Brown close, so he buried him in Piazza Torlonia just behind his Via Mizner house, today the location of Pizza al Fresco.

They must have really loved each other, as some of the employees at Pizza al Fresco swear they see the monkey ‘s ghost at night wandering, looking for his human companion, but I bet you that the poor thing is only trying to catch one of their deliciuos pizzas!

Johnny Brown

See Johnnie Brown’s grave in Via Mizner,  just in front of Babalu Palm Beach.

South Florida Teasers – Palm Beach

It might be the end of summer for most of the Northern Hemisphere, but for Florida this is the beginning of our holiday season. With tropical rains giving way to South Florida’s more temperate climate, this is just about the only place you would want to be. It is also the best time of the year to explore. If you’re a nature lover, shopping addict, architecture or history buff – or all of the above, your options are abundant.

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Worth Avenue, view from the Everglades Club.

For the perfect day trip, just over an hour drive north of Miami is Palm Beach, one of our favorites and must-see spots.

Founded by Henry Flagler in the late 1800’s as a resort destination, Palm Beach sits on a barrier island with one of the most expansive sandy beaches ever, and this is only the beginning. The Worth Avenue shopping destination is a genuine treasure. A consolidated version of Los Angeles’ Rodeo Drive, touting a selection of world-renowned brands, one-of-a-kind antique stores and children boutiques, Worth Avenue has something for everyone. After all, the island motto is: “the best of everything”.

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Via Mizner, built in a Mediterranean Revival and Spanish Colonial styles by Architect Addison Mizner

Influenced by Mediterranean Revival and Spanish Colonial styles and envisioned largely by Architect Addison Mizner, Worth Avenue is flanked by the most picturesque lacework of “Vias”, yep, that’s the Italian name for street, with romantic names like Via Amore, Via Flora or Via Encantada, the perfect place to lose oneself.

Via Mizner represents the most distinguished and exclusive hide-away on Worth.  Exquisitely designed and the former residence of Mr. Mizner himself, you’ll find the vibrant outdoor Pizza al Fresco restaurant along with Renato‘s fine-dining establishment, both gently tucked away in beautiful Mediterranean style piazzas.  And guess what else is coming to Via Mizner this November….  stay tuned for more!

While perusing Worth Avenue. Don’t miss Acento boutique,  the showcase for designer jewelry hand-picked from around the world located in Via Bice. After that, head towards the Everglades Club, also designed by Addison Mizner and which represents one of the most exclusive and secretive clubs in the world.  On the way, stop at Spring Flowers, which purveys some of the most adorable children’s clothes. And the Ralph Lauren on Worth Avenue is not to be missed.

The town center of Palm Beach is also worth passing through, on the short drive north to view the famous Breakers Hotel, for it’s cool Mediterranean charm and scale.

There are lots of hidden gems to discover on your own – in a wonderful gem of a community that has been hidden in plain sight for over 100 years.

The Everglades Club, built in 1918. Designed by Addison Mizner in Spanish-mission-style.

The Everglades Club, built in 1918. Designed by Addison Mizner in Spanish-mission-style.



PIZZA AL FRESCO:  14 Via Mizner

TABOO:  221 Worth Avenue

BICE: 313 1/2 Worth Avenue, Suite a1, Via Bice


ACENTO:  313 Worth Avenue, Suite A2, Via Bice


RALPH LAUREN: 300 Wrth Avenue


VIA MIZNER:  Off Worth Avenue

THE BREAKERS HOTEL:  1 South County Road

THE FLAGLER MUSEUM:  1 Whitehall Way

The Atomized Fury of Askew

See what Valerie Vitale, perfume critic and talented Contributing Editor for Cafleurebon has to say about Askew, the Ode to Fury by perfume house Humiecki & Graef.


Askew by Humiecki & Graef – Ode to Fury


  Inspired by the destructive energy charged force out of which something new is created.

Vetiver, a classic ingredient in many men’s fragrances, was first “destroyed” and then reassembled, together with birch bark tar, Guatamalen cardamom, soft leather, ginger, Egyptian mimosa and grapefruit.

Federico Uribe’s Urban Oasis

FEDERICO URIBE, one of our favorite Miami-based artists since we first came across his work 6 years ago, turns New York into an urban jungle like nobody’s business with his current exhibition at the Hudson River Museum. See what the New York Times has to say…


Eating Chicken, Federico Uribe Medium: Shoelaces Dimensions: 7′ x 7′

In the midst of a dizzying 3013 exhibition line-up starting with Miami and Peru, then on to his native home of Colombia and now New York, Uribe continues to redefine the art of “waste-not want-not”. The Master of manipulating ordinary materials into modern masterpieces, this prolific artist pulls out all the stops to utilize anything unexpected ranging from nuts-and-bolts to pencils, forks, shoe laces, yard rakes and even bullets. In other words, there are no limits to Uribe’s 3-D imagination. See what the New York Times has to say…

Target and Home Depot must be eating their hearts out about now.

Federico Uribe is represented by Now Contemporary Art in Wynood, Miami.

Papa can you hear me?

We all have a man we love to call, “Dad”. Some of us even have two! They made us fly like Superman spinning us around hanging us by our arms, taught us how to change a flat tire,  scared away boyfriends with one of his I’ll kill you looks and some Dads taught us to never pull their finger (seriously, don’t do it). We appreciate those men in our lives that make us look back and remember why we honor them this weekend. Happy Father’s Day.

Ricky Martin and his twins Matteo and Valentino

Ricky Martin and his twins Matteo and Valentino

Molto Italiana

Pronto? Pronto? Legendary italian beauty Giovanna Battaglia teams up with Case Scenario to add a touch of glamour and elegance to your Iphone 5.

#wmagazine #babalumiami #giovannabattaglia

Giovanna Battaglia is a former model and fashion editor for W Magazine.

Italiana? Si, grazie. Battaglia’s Gate Cover design for iPhone 5 is ornately detailed and reflects her personal aesthetic and affinity for accessorizing.

#casescenario #babalumiami #giovannabattaglia

Battaglia’s iPhone 5 Gate Cover is available in Metallic Pink and Black.

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