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Pet glam

Showtime with the Menswear Dog

We recently ran into model extraordinaire Bodhi, The Meanswear Dog while visiting the Project Show in New York. With his dashing looks and gentle savoire-fair Bodhi is the embodiment modern cool.  Perfectly at home with all the fashion denizens and paparazzi, he politely posed for everyone to take pictures. What a class act!

Bodhi, The Meanswear Dog

Canine supermodel Bodhi is a pure breed Shiba Inu

Who is Mr. Greenberg?

Mathew Malin and Andrew Goetz are the creative duo behind the eponymous modern, sustainable, no-nonsense approach to skincare line, Malin + Goetz.  We caught up with them to to discuss anything but business and discover the men behind this quintessentially New York brand.

Mr. Greenberg the polyglot pug.

Mr. Greenberg the polyglot pug.

What are you passionate about besides skincare? 

Our Pug , Mr. Greenberg. He is a polyglot, fluent in French, German and English.  He’s an incredibly skilled Frisbee player.  He has a bladder like a camel and is happiest when he’s sitting on your lap – which is a bit annoying when trying to peck-out this illustrious story.

Curious and inquisitive. What does he enjoy? 

He loves coming to the office – both the City and the Country suit him; so long as there is warm bed waiting for him.  He has not embraced car travel, but seems to like the subway.  He is ultimately a very happy young dog – and he makes us extremely happy too.

Tell us how Mr. Greenberg came into your life.

The last couple of years were not easy for us on the canine front.  Our English Bulldog, Bob and our French Bulldog, Junior had become very old and increasingly geriatric.  Matthew and I also officially graduated from eccentric New Yorkers to hovering on the cusp of crazy ones.  Bob’s Alzheimer’s disease manifested itself in him walking in circles – and in diapers – yes he was in diapers – he’d get caught on our conference room office chairs, causing them to go along for the ride with him.  While Junior’s mind was totally intact, he too had graduated to diapers and had lost use of his hind legs.  But both never suffered and were always happy to be plopped in our doggy stroller and spend the day at the office with us.

It must have been a very difficult time.

Pushing two dogs back and forth along Seventh Avenue in a stroller daily caused a bit of a scene. But we really wanted to be with Bob and Junior as their sun set.  Bob made it to 16 – which is virtually unheard of for an English Bull Dog.  Junior died of natural causes a year later at 15; a day before my 50th Birthday.  By the time they were both gone, we were both mentally and physically exhausted; giving new meaning to the expression “dog tired.”  We had become full time canine care givers and needed a break.  And a break we did take.  But as summer headed into fall, we began to really miss having a dog.

So, enter Mr. Greenberg?

We started at looking at some doggy-porn rescue sites.   Eventually we ended up at the Green Mountain Vermont Pug Rescue.  And that’s where we found Mr. Greenberg; née Moose.  He was 3 years old and had been abandoned 3 or 4 times.  His sponsor brought him down to our country house in upstate NY so they could meet us and evaluate his potential new home.

What’s with the name?

It was love at first sight; except for his given name.  Since he was from Vermont – French for Green Mountain, we decided to change his name after his Motherland, but with a New York twist.  While Vermont is French for Green Mountain, “Berg” is the German word for Mountain; ergo Mr. Greenberg – what could possibly be more New York!

Matthew Andrew Mr Greenberg

Matthew Malin, Andrew Goetz and Mr. Greenberg.

Join the Miles High Club!

Jet-setting Miles Platinum Kelly loves to fly in style! Sharing his time between New York and Miami Beach, this blue French bulldog has a very hectic schedule trying to keep up with his human companion The Points Guy, Brian Kelly. ” He understands the importance of a comfortable seat and a solid nap in between destinations” says Brian.

#babalumiami #thepointsguy

Travel blanket courtesy of American Airlines.

Always the center of attention.

Front and Center: whether it’s about Manhattan obeying Miles’ every command, or a much deserved series of Miami Beach soirees, Miles balances his demanding social schedule remarkably well.

"I prefer my catered treats to any airplane meal, no matter which class of travel I'm flying." - Miles

“I prefer my catered treats to any airplane meal, no matter which class of travel I’m flying.” – Miles

Les Belles

Jessie and Molly are pretty and they know it.

Molly and Jessie 1

Life under the spotlight: Miami belles Molly (on the left) and Jessie (on the right).

Whether lounging or at the races they are always impeccably groomed and camera ready.

Jessie and Molly

Jessie (left) favours a relaxed lifestyle while Molly (right) enjoys watching sports and active persuits

Au-naturelle or fully accessorized these belles know how to pull it off!

Impeccable lineage: Dakota Retrievers Jessie (on the left) and Molly (on the right) are a glorious mix of Golden Retriever and Cocker Spaniel.

Impeccable lineage: Dakota Retrievers Jessie (on the left) and Molly (on the right) are a glorious mix of Golden Retriever and Cocker Spaniel.

Vanity Fur: Stockholm Pride Doggie Style!

Doggies were coiffed and on display at this month’s Stockholm Pride Day!

Get the look? Well, maybe not this one…

Natural Beauty

Our furry friend Wiya, freshly shampooed and smelling au natural.  Always commando style!

Get the look with Rahua. 100% organic natural ingredients. It’s for people but dogs love it too!


Posing comes naturally to a designer pooch named Buddy, NIBA HOME‘s infamous in-house mascot (and model). Fluffed and plopped on his master’s newest made-in-Miami creation, The Flamingo Sofa, designed by facconable proprietress Nisi Berryman, Buddy, 16, is a dog with humble beginnings. He was a rescue.
Shown here in NIBA’s summer “Staycation” postcard wearing a Paul Smith signature-striped leather collar and rose-colored Ray-Ban aviators (below), this affable Jack Russell terrier mix is just at home in NIBA’s showroom in the Design District (where everybody knows his name), as well as in his own back yard. No kooky canine antics like gnawing on the sofa’s Lucite legs or drooling on the ultra-suede pillows. Buddy’s a good boy.

Accessories: Paul Smith beach towel; PS Trilby straw hat

Photography: Jackson McGrath

Happy Fur-rth of July!

pootriotic poodle

She’s Got Theda Bara Eyes

Flavio’s Lola & Silent Film Star Theda Bara: Separated at Birth?

Get the Look: Beauty for Real‘s no-smudge, Miracle Mascara

Queen for a Day

Aspen on Ocean Drive at MBGP Parade

   Aspen, the chihuahua, got all dolled up for the Miami Beach Gay Pride Parade. What’s eye candy for canines? The glam coffee-table book Dogs by Lewis Blackwell & Tim Flach. Big woof.

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