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She’s Got Theda Bara Eyes

Flavio’s Lola & Silent Film Star Theda Bara: Separated at Birth?

Get the Look: Beauty for Real‘s no-smudge, Miracle Mascara

Matchmaker, Matchmaker

What does Patti Stanger, a multi-millionairess matchmaker who has everything — her own TV show on Bravo, “The Millionaire Matchmaker;” a bestselling book, “Become Your Own Matchmaker: 8 Easy Steps for Attracting Your Perfect Mate;” a hit XM-Radio show, “P.S. I Love You” want?

Why, Beauty for Real, of course. The made-in-Miami makeup line that makes sure every woman trips the light fantastic — sultry lipstick and mascara wands packed with penlights for those dark, secluded touch-ups crucial in a clinch. With the perfect gazillionaire. I think it was Diana Ross who said it best — “Without my lipstick, I’m naked.” She married well. Twice.

How to Survive Art Basel

12 Things You Need to Know

by cyn. zarco

Daphne Guinness at Maybach fete for David LaChapelle at the Raleigh, ABMB09

If you’re a true Art Basel Miami Beach survivor like me, you probably have a tower of every annual exhibition catalog stacked high on your shelf. Every year my calendar is flooded with invites I wish I could attend. If only I could clone myself for these four days and nights. Yes, this is the time everyone you’ve ever met in life swoops into town from all corners of the earth. Time to take out that airbed. And, put air in your tires. And, get into hobnobbing shape. But, hey, we’re not complaining. We only wish we could stretch out this intellectual hoopla into a full week of art and circumstance. Maybe then we could do it all — Scope, Red Dot, Pulse, Nada, endless cocktail parties and openings — and still put in some good beach time. To make life a little easier this year, here are a dozen survival tips for the ardent Art Basel lover:

1. Ladies, pack a pair of Samra gold foldable flats in your evening bag. Even though Audi may give you a complimentary lift to the Vernissage, cabs are scarce and you may have to hoof it from one VIP fete to the next.
2. Dahling, pack an emergency supply of Hollywood Fashion Tape. No wardrobe malfunction ever looked good on Page Six. Oh, and not to forget my best kept secret — Hollywood Silicone Cover, what I call Chicken DeLite pasties. Must turn those headlights off, especially if you’re going backless and bra-less. Just slap on those babies and walk out the door. But, make sure you replace them when the sticky wears out (20 uses). Lost one in a buffet line once.
3. For those dark disco touch-ups, Beauty for Real lipstick and mascara has a built-in night light.
4. For the morning after, help’s “I have a headhache” never fails to do the trick.
5. Ditto for Paul Smith so dark sunglasses. Don’t leave your hotel room without it.
6. For those dehydrating champagne nights, revive thyself with Malin+Goetz Detox Face Mask, the 5-minute foaming gel. You too, big guy.
7.  For the daytime satellite fair trek, pack a collapsible Vapur water bottle. Miami’s weather is fickle, just like our Latin men. The temperature may be sweater cool one night then voila, next day it’s summertime. Drink up.
8. Oh, don’t forget to bring lots of business cards. Basel is all about networking, Bump-ing, yeah. Impress them with Paul Smith’s leather cardholder wallet.
9. Then take names with an oh-so-classy Lamy fountain pen.
10. Little notebooks are also key. Lots of info to cull. Take notes. Don’t rely on your poor bombarded memory. Digits of hotties have been lost in many a martini.
11. Did I mention our new Swamp shoes for men? All leather, so comfy, and washable as a trainer, yes. No-slip perfect for that impossible-to-snag billionaire’s dinner on so-and-so’s uberyacht in the marina. Swamp is the only stylish shoe impervious to that nasty red wine spill at the SoHo Beach House bar prive´.
12. Anything else? Oh, yes, Glee gum. Please! Your friends will thank you.

“Daphne & David” photo: ©cyn.zarco09

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