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Staff Picks by Janet

Our in-house experts describe what makes them gush most.

Babalu Miami Superstar Janet

Babalu Miami Superstar Janet

Carner Barcelona‘s Tardes: Summer is around the corner and what better way to bring it in than with Barcelona’s Tardes fragrance.  A wonderful almond/floral scent that is great for those hot summer days. it’s an invigorating scent that awakens my senses, which is why I love it so much. It gives me a warm inviting feeling every time I have it on, you just cant go wrong with this scent. It’s not only a day scent, but you could also wear it at night because of the sensual scent it has once it settles. If you’re looking for that summer scent that you can wear whenever, Tardes is for you.

Desigual shoes: We just started carrying these beauties and I’m excited! Because of its wonderful patterns and vivid colors, the Desigual shoes will turn any dull outfit into a fashion statement.  If you just want to have on a simple outfit , but still want to turn heads when heading out, with these shoes you can be sure that’s exactly what you’ll do;  which is why I love them so much. We carry various styles my favorites are the sneakers and the ballerinas. Super comfortable and super me!

CZ Tai braided bracelets: I love the Tai bracelets! They are simple but very hip and stylish, they add that extra umff  to any outfit.  They also come in a number of styles and because of how simple they are, you’re able to wear a couple pieces at once. They make great gifts for teens and adults alike. You just can’t go wrong with these hip and cute bracelets.

From left: Tardes by Carner Barcelona, Desigual Shoes (available in-store), CZ Tai braided bracelets (available in-store)

From left: Tardes by Carner Barcelona, Desigual Shoes (available in-store), CZ Tai braided bracelets (available in-store)

Michelyn Gets High on Cloud Nine w/RIMA XI

Michelyn has discovered love in a bottle! Of Rima XI, that is.

Carner Barcelona is a favorite brand at the Babalu Miami Perfume Bar and Rima XI the brand’s newest launch was announced on January 25, 2013 as a top-five finalist in the upcoming FIFI Awards, the fragrance industry’s prestigious Red Carpet.


Enjoy this esteemed writer’s gushing review on Cafleurebon of Carner Barcelona’s Rima XI.

El Simbolo de la Pasion: Rima XI by Carner Barcelona

La poesía nunca ha tenido semejante fragancia. Inspirado por el poema de Gustavo Adolfo Bécquer, Carner Barcelona lanza RIMA XI. Inolvidable!


Poetry never smelled so good. Inspired by the poem of Gustavo Adolfo Becquer, Carner Barcelona launches RIMA XI. Unforgettable!


Yo soy ardiente, yo soy morena,
yo soy el simbolo de la pasion,
de ansia de goces mi alma esta llena.
A mi me buscas?
– No es a ti, no.

Mi frente es palida, mis trenzas de oro:
puedo brindarte dichas sin fin,
yo de ternuras guardo un tesoro.
A mi me buscas?
– No, no es a ti.

Yo soy un sueno, un imposible,
vano fantasma de niebla y luz;
soy incorporea, soy intangible:
no puedo amarte.
– Oh ven, ven tu!



I am ardent, I am dark, I am the symbol of passion,
Of longing of pleasure; my soul is full.
Do you seek for me?
– No, it’s not for you, no.

My face is fair, my hair, of gold,
I can offer you pleasure without end;
I, of tenderness, guard a treasure.
Do you call for me?
– No, no, not for you.

I am a dream, the impossible,
Vain phantom of fog and light;
I am incorporeal, I am intangible;
I cannot love you.
– Oh come, you come!

TOP NOTES: Guatemalan Cardamom, Madagascan Black Pepper, Moroccan Nanah Mint, Saffron

HEART NOTES: Ceylon Cinnamon, Indonesian Nutmeg, Indian Jasmine Sambac, Coriander

BASE NOTES: Virginian Cedar Wood, Australian Sandal Wood, Madagascan Vanilla Absolute, Benzoin from Laos, Soft Amber, Musk

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