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Fragrance of the Week: Amazingreen

Fresh-squeezed and full of surprises: AMAZINGREEN. Launched this July, this new unisex Comme des Garçons scent delivers another brilliant combination of unexpected flavors that mix Palm Tree Leaves, Dew Mist, Gunpowder and Smoke that promises “a blast of green energy” to surprise and revive the senses.

Created by renowned nose Jean-Christophe Herault, AMAZINGREEN emits top notes of verdant natural wild leaves, settles with an elemental heart of flint and coriander, and finishes with an explosion of gunpowder and white musk. Unique!


Palm tree leaves, green pepper, dew mist, jungle leaves.


Ivy leaves, orris roots, coriander seeds, silex


Gunpowder accord, vetiver, smoke, white musk.

AMAZINGREEN Eau de Parfum is avalable in 100ml and 50ml signature spray bottles.

London Calls

Greg and Paolo in front of Paul Smith, Covent Garden

February’s the month snowbirds thaw in Miami, but this year we did the opposite — we jetted off to London for a bit of business and a trip down Memory Lane. Our home away from home was the quintessentially British Gore Hotel in Kensington, the perfect Sherlock Holmes-y setting for a pair of gents on a working R & D holiday with mum — Greg’s mom.

The Tudor Room, Gore Hotel

Note: Next to Italy, UK has more brands represented at Babalu Miami than any other country. This trip connected us with our designers/suppliers and got us closer to our DNA. Paolo got closer to his Boy George ’80s, when he discoed the night away at Taboo and Daisy Chain and worked days as a costume & set designer for the renowned King’s Head Theatre.

Adam Brown in front of Orlebar Brown flagship store, Notting Hill. Right: Orlebar Brown Spring/Summer 12 styles in store.

First up, a visit to Orlebar Brown’s flagship store in Notting Hill Gate with founder/former photographer Adam Brown. At the shop next door to our fave gourmanderie, Ottolenghi, Adam told us how he fell into the beachwear biz at an arty friend’s 40th in Rajasthan: “The women looked great; the men ghastly in horrid, brightly patterned boxer shorts with elastic waistbands, and worse, baggy board shorts with their bums hanging out.” (Not a good look for a man over 30. BTW, tennis ace Greg looks swimmingly fit in his red Orlebars.) After Adam did his research, he made a batch of 1,000 swim-to-shore shorts and sold them right out of his flat. The rest is history. OB key colors for Spring Summer 2012 pays tribute to fashionista Slim Aarons ’60s photography of the Riviera and Palm Springs and Pierre Koenig’s Californian architecture.

Ottolenghi, Notting Hill. Right: the Ottolenghi cookbook series available at Babalu.

Next day we had breakfast downstairs at Bistro 190 with FB Collection founders Harry Brantly and Max Leese. Once college roommates who dreamt of beach-ier days while toiling in London finance, they cleverly created their own niche with a high-end beach-bat business, their ode to happy frescobol-ers on the sands of Rio in Harry’s native Brazil. The pair have since expanded FB Collection to include a line of beach shorts and quick-dry linen beach towels big enough for two that knots into a sarong. Genius!

FB Collection Fine Linen Beach Towels. Right: Frescobol Paddle Sets. Handmade in Brazil from recycled rainforest wood.

Off to Comme des Garçons wiz Rei Kawakubo‘s multi-level retail store, Dover Street Market, a must-stop-shop destination for any stylista. Floors of avant-garde designer collaborations from Marimekko tees to Paco Rabanne industrial slingbags tease the eye. Greg found the place to have similar touch points to the styling of 10 Corso Como in Milan. What did we bring back? Their new eau de toilette, Dover Street Market a classic woody fragrance for men and women with notes of bergamot, mandarin, black pepper, coriander, incense, juniper berry, cedar wood, labdanum cistus, patchouli, and pine. And, fun Jack Purcell sneaks. Across the road, we popped in to the American-style bistro Automat — best Truffle Oil Mac & Cheese in London.

Dover Street Market Perfume, Comme des Garcons. Right: CdG PLAY sneakers by Jack Purcell

Automat, American Style Bistro, Dover Street

Five o’clock shadow? Must see the barber. No Anglophile’s trip is complete without stopping at Geo F Trumper, the finest traditional gentlemen’s barber in London known worldwide for its matchless range of gentlemen’s colognes and grooming products — shaving creams and soaps, aftershave balms, skin foods and moisturizers, bath soaps and shower gels, razors, shaving brushes, mirrors, hair brushes. Formidable! Yes, we carry the complete selection of Geo F Trumper’s legendary shaving cream .

Greg & Paolo in front of Geo Trumper post-shave. Da Mario Restaurant

Ah, finally, time for a pizza at Paolo’s (and Lady Di‘s) favorite Napoletano ristorante in Knightsbridge — Da Mario. It’s common lore that when la princesa began feeling a bit peckish, she often stepped out of Kensington Palace and brought Prince William and Prince Harry in for a nosh. After all, they lived in the neighborhood.

Faberge egg designed by Brazilian artist Ciao Locke, currently collaborating with FB Collection for their Summer 2012 Trunks Collection.

Be My Spunky Valentine!

Love…Wotcha gonna do about it? Our Valentine’s Day Gift Guide targets all you lovers out there who know that love — that illusive, fickle, tingly feeling that makes the world go ’round — hurts. Ow!

If it don’t sting, it aint that thing. We know that too well, so this year we’re pushing the mushy envelope. Till death do thy part. Bestow your best beloved with hearts & skulls — blood and bones, babe — the stuff of life. On Valentine’s Day night, make love like a bandit. Dress the part. Set the stage. Get the props. Get busy.

A M B  I E N C E

SEX GAME BOOK: A Cultural History of Sexuality: The bedside Brittanica of erotica

D.L. & Co. Modern Alchemy Skull Candle: The better to eat you with, m’dear

Lucifer Candle, Juliette has a Gun: Aren’t we all sinners?


Commando Undies: One swift tug

Men’s Etiquette Socks: Pull off with teeth

King Baby & Queen Baby Jewelry: Sensual skullduggery

Paul Smith Skull Cufflinks: Don’t leave one behind.

Noir Skull & Bones Jewelry: Sexy suave pave´

W H I F F   I T   G O O D !

Blood Concept    Comme de Garcons Play!   Carner Cuirs
Etat Libre d’Orange – Charogne, Jasmin et Cigarettes


Jimmyjane Usual Suspects Iconic Pocket Vibrator: “Hmmmm….”

Jimmyjane Get Lucky Pack (condoms+lube+2 mints): Before & After

Pjur Man, Woman: Liquid Sex

T H E   M O R N I N G   A F T E R

The Laundress Stain Solution: No comment.

Persol Sunglasses: Walk of shame shades



by Greg Melvin & Paolo Ambu


The highlight of our stay in Venice was our visit to the Salviati glass factory in Murano hosted by Bojan. Established in 1859 by Antonio Salviati, the place is a veritable museum of industrial design with top collaborators creating masterpieces from crystal vases to chandeliers. We were awed by their exquisite glass-sculpting technique, the precise craft that went into making each object. We were told that Salviati’s original “cookbook” filled with the specific recipes for each color of glass, is locked away in a little blue box. Only Salviati’s master glassmaker has the key.

Babalu Miami is the only boutique in America that carries Salviati. Be a mensch. Gift a set of collectible crystal wine glasses to your best drinking buddy. Or, a set of champagne flutes for your bgf. Perfect for cocktails before partying at Little Lighthouse Foundation‘s extravaganza fundraiser, Nightmare Above Lincoln Road Saturday, October 29, on the roof of 1111 Lincoln.

Go incognito, of course, in a one-of-a kind, totally ga-ga artglam, repurposed masque by New Yorker Stephan Keating.

Masque Parade - Stephan Keating

Our limited stash sells out each year. So, get one at Babalu Miami boutique quick. They go fast!

Back to Venice, the city of masqued balls. Later that night, after a lovely dinner on the canal at our hotel, Palazzo Barbarigo, we were still hungry! Feeling Chinese, we found a place in town that served tapas-size, fried-rice portions — Tianjin Chinese Ristorante on Ramo de la Dojana de Tua. Yum! Greg surprised our waiter by speaking Mandarin.  (p.s. We were not hungry two hours later.)

Tianjin Ristorante

Sated, we walked the maze of Venice’s labyrinthine streets back to the hotel. Or, so we thought.  After walking around in circles, we stumbled upon this lovely Comme des  Garcons-y graffitti — the only clue to our way home.

I voov Comme des Garcons sneakers!

The next day, we couldn’t wait to see the Venezia Biennale and partake in Norma Jeane‘s interactive plasticine art installation. Ha! What’s black and white and red all over? ART.

The 54th International Art Exhibition, ILLUMInations, is a single display featuring 83 artists from all over the world. It’s spread out over 10,000 square meters between the Central Pavilion in the Giardini and the Arsenale, and is open until November 27.

Here is a video of  a piece we also enjoyed.  “Chance” in the French Pavillion is a mixed-media installation by artist Christian Boltanski.

When we got back to the hotel, we were so inspired we made our own video.

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