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Riddle Me This

Whose Hair?

Answer to September’s riddle: Bruce Weber

Inspired by the Christina Christoforou book, Whose Hair?

Babalu sez


Days before daddy’s birthday on August 11, Brooke Hogan did some serious shopping at Babalu. The reality-show star of “Brooke Knows Best” spent two hours picking out the perfect surprise package for papa. How do you show someone named Hulk that you care?

Let us count the ways:

  • “I Love You” Bloomsberry chocolate
  • White Ray-Ban wayfarers
  • Two pairs of AuskieBum League swimwear (one blue, one orange)
  • Esteban Bois de Plume eau de toilette
  • Leone Pure licorice
  • 1 bag of Cracker Jacks
  • Whose Hair? book by Christina Christoforou (Hulk’s on p. 90)

As an homage to Christoforou’s splendid collection of hand-drawn illustrations of hairstyles of the rich & famous, we give you our very own heady puzzle.

Whose Hair?!?

(Hint: He loves dogs.)

* Tune in to October’s blog-zine for the answer.

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