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Hampton Sun Event Highlights: Born Under the Sun

The Babalu Palm Beach event for Hampton Sun proved to be sizzling hot success! Many thanks to our gracious hosts Salvatore Piazzolla & Grant Wilfley for making it all possible. And a special nod to Steven who rocked his Hampton Sun tan and Orlebar Brown shorts like a surf star.

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My Girl Vikings


When I lived in Bali in the early ’90s, the roads were paved with loosely ground, white sandstone called kapuk. We rode bicycles or Honda motorbikes a.k.a. bebek (the Balinese word for duck).  Coconut trees were everywhere. They hadn’t been cleared yet to make room for the next greatest villa project. Our lives were free. It was all about living spontaneously. There  was no such things as cell phones on the island. To make an international call, I had to stand in line for hours at the queue of the local Telkom office. Still, communication was fierce – local gossip spread via the “coconut telegraph” faster than wildfire. It was how we came to know each other.

I met Yvonne Clamf during those wild days in Bali when the island still exuded all the naive beauty and spirit of centuries of simple, traditional Balinese village life. We were two creative souls, expats experimenting with ideas, forging relationships with the local artisans, paving the roads that would lead us to our career paths. I met Yvonne’s design partner, Christina Soderstrom later in Los Angeles when we were in town liaising with the local workshops.  Yvonne was developing a collection of jewelry and a retro luggage collection. (Read: Louis Vuitton eat your heart out.) To make this happen, the girls shuttled between Java and Bali. As their artistic vision evolved, the Yvone Christa Collection was born; their ornate jewelry crafted from sterling silver, 18-karat gold, and semi-precious stones dominated their portfolio. It soon found its way into the most fashionable department stores in the U.S. — Barney’s, Bloomingdale’s, Fred Segal. Season after season, Yvone Christa regaled its unique European sense of romance. Their success led to the launch of signature boutiques in New York’s SoHo and Yvonne and Christina’s native Stockholm.

Yvonne (left) with Christina

I was always impressed with Christina and Yvonne. I admired their strength, their resolute independence, their effortless ability to work together near or far, to overcome every obstacle. They were my Vikings.

Today I’m especially proud to showcase Yvone Christa’s Summer 2012 collection at Babalu.  I find it to be their most exquisite offering yet, a testament to 20 years of design prowess and collaboration. I believe one must be elegant to reinterpret elegance. This is how I know my friends. This is how I know Yvonne and Christina.  — Greg Melvin

Behind the Scenes: Outtakes from the Edge

We had a lot of fun making the January blog. I shot and styled two guerilla shoots at 1111. That’s me, babalulu, with Esteban Cortazar in my infamous Levi “shooting shorts” from the ’90s. Apres, he was late for a lunch meeting and changed in the car on our way out of the parking lot. For the Magi shoot, I kidnapped Osmar from the shop, gave him a crash course in photography and made him my assistant. As you can see, Greg and Paolo proved to be quick studies as models for the day.

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