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Fashion Forward: Dan Ward

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Angel sports Dan Ward at the Standard Hotel, Miami Beach

Babalu recently met with fashion designer and creator, Dan Ward at The Standard Hotel to discuss his men’s swimwear collection. When introduced to Dan we met with an outgoing and humorous personality. We were fortunate enough to also have Angel model some Dan’s swimwear for us under the beautiful Miami Beach sun. After many laughs (and some great pictures with Angel) we found out how it all began for the fashion veteran over a delicious lunch by the bay, and why his line is one to keep an eye on.

After 25 years of working and traveling all over Europe and with all types of fashion houses including Calvin Klein, Alfred Dunhill and Hermès, he decided it was time to branch out and design a line to call his own. He wanted to design something of quality that he, himself, would buy.

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The birth of the Dan Ward Menswear comes from his point of view; to create something luxurious, elegant and pleasing for men because, “It’s men’s time in fashion.” And if Dan was going to do something, he wanted to do it right! The line is designed and fabricated right in his backyard in Florence, Italy, where he chose the manufacturers to produce his line. The designer is a very hands-on kind of guy and likes to make sure every detail meets his vision. Dan describes his new line as the opposite from what other fashion companies do; he created for himself, versus having to create for a specific clientele or what’s trending now. It’s a daring move, but luckily, it’s been launching off quite well for him and is now out to some exclusive locations in Asia, Europe and the U.S.

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Babalu Miami is proudly featuring the Dan Ward Spring/Summer 2013 premier collection.  Come see what beauties we carry, with various styles and colors for just about every kind of man. To go with your new swimwear, we also carry the Dan Ward unique sandals that really can capture the attention of others. The sleek, modern and male-chic style is one that can be viewed as subtle yet fashion forward. So if you’re looking to be unique and find yourself wanting quality swimwear, Dan Ward’s collection is one to come by and try.

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Behind the scenes. Left: Angel and Dan Ward (right). RIght: Lunch by the bay with Pedro and Greg (right)

Dan Ward swimwear is currently available at Babalu Miami store.

Photography by Paolo Ambu

Christian Louboutin’s Secret Wish

Fresh from launching his first men’s boutique in Paris, Christian Louboutin was asked by Interview Magazine the ten things he could not live without. His answer: “My Havaianas. I would have been proud to invent flip-flops. The most democratic and perfectly unisex shoe in the world is also very sexy.”

Who knew the secret wish this sole-flipping fashion icon held within. Will we see a red-soled Louboutin flip-flop in the near future? We certainly hope so!

Nine more things Mr. Louboutin can’t live without:

My passport—because of my frequent travels, I know how much my passport is a real sign of freedom!

My phone—text message and Internet via phone is the promise of having more time for communicating with friends and nowadays, thanks to this, the feeling of wasting time when one has to wait somewhere has totally disappeared.

Courrier International—this weekly newspaper reports on many subjects; it highlights the points of view of different countries. It is extremely necessary to realize that the world doesn’t only have one way of seeing things.

My mother’s cross was given to me when she died. I like to have it always close to me.

Passage Vero-Dodat—I started my company on this passage. It feels as much home as it can!

My Charvet ties and bows. Even if I barely wear them, I always bring some with me, and often they become an unexpected gift.

My Hermès calfskin belt. It’s the quickest way to see if I gained weight! I see if I need to move the notch over, and if I have to move it, I am in a really bad mood for a few hours, if not more!

4771 cologne, the original cologne. It reminds me of my childhood immediately and I use two bottles every week. I practically shower with it.

Born and raised in Paris, I am deeply attached to my city; we almost have half a century of love story together, where I have been truly completely faithful! The most beautiful city in the world is my city, yeepeeee!

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