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Hot on the Beach: 100 Montaditios

Want to spend an evening like a Miami Beach local?  Then save your Wednesdays for Happy Hour at 100 Montaditos. With their famous $1 Wednesday’s, who wouldn’t like to wind-down with a $2 glass of sangria and a $1 montadito*?

* spanish sandwich
100 montaditos

100 Montaditos on Lincoln Road is just one of many locations.

The menu is simple, yet has an array of choices for their Wednesday specials. They have 100 montaditos to choose from, all with different fillings, a few salad choices, delicious fries, Spanish beers, wines and sangrias.

The staff is constantly busy, but are friendly and try their best to make you feel at home. If they’re not running around, they’re dancing by the front door laughing with other customers who are waiting to be seated.

But the best feature about 100 Montaditos is the simplicity of it all. Bring friends from far and wide to experience an evening like a local at very reasonably priced meals, and it’s only few blocks from Babalu Miami.


541 Lincoln Rd – Miami Beach, FL 33139

(305) 538 3863

Staff Picks by Stephen

Our In-house Experts Describe what Makes them Gush Most

Babalu Miami Superstar Stephen.

Babalu Miami Superstar Stephen.

Frescobol Paddle Ball set:  “Hit… Plat… Hit… Plat.” I love playing on the beach here in Miami and this handcrafted paddle ball set from Brasil is not only beautiful, but special. Each paddle is hand-crafted with recycled rainforest wood, each piece unique.
Sundek:  Everyone knows Sundek has been around for a while, and let me tell you, it’s here to stay. Need some fun in your wardrobe? Bring the rainbow with these shorts. With a variety of patterns, stripes or solids you’re bound to find your shade of happy.  You’ll even find some of old school styles that are always hip and which are also my favorite.
Soleil Organique:  If you’re are searching for a healthy-choice alternative sunblock, look no further. Soleil Organique it’s a vegan and organic sunblock, water resistant that includes green tea leaves and other botanical extracts. All na-tu-ral for organic and vegan lovers. I feel much safer and more at ease knowing that harsh unwanted chemicals aren’t flooding into my skin. I prefer to look sun-kissed without the risks of parabens, petrochemicals and animal ingredients, thank you very much. This is my first step for a perfect day out in Miami Beach.
The FB Frescobol set includes: two paddles, two balls and nylon carrying bag.

The FB Frescobol set includes: two paddles, two balls and nylon carrying bag.

Babalu Miami Featured in Miami Herald

Developer Robert Wennett explains how his vision of 11 11 Lincoln Road acted as catalyst for the upmarket gentrification and continuing positive developments on Lincoln Road.

Babalu Miami featured as one of Lincoln Road’s high-end retailers.

 For full article, visit: http://www.miamiherald.com/2012/11/08/3088107/retail-revs-up-on-south-beachs.html

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