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Milliner Extraordinaire: Lisa Battaglia

Want that new or special look this summer? How about a hat that will turn heads anywhere you go! Lisa Battaglia’s hats are your best bet.

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Lisa’s one-of-a-kind freeform design adds sculptural twist to traditional the wood-blocking technique of hat making. Whimsy it up! Lisa’s style has a unique touch that fits the personality of most who don’t want to follow the typical mainstream. Lisa says, “I really don’t follow any trends. I may look at colors for the season but I have an innate sense of fashion and I get a ‘vibe’, if you will.” Well Lisa, you are the trend!

So, which hat to wear? Lisa’s advises, “The overall shape of the face is important but I also take into consideration the features of one’s face. For example, if you have big blue eyes and the coloring of your skin, what colors look good on you, if you are a tall person, etc. The customer should also take into consideration these things as well. A long narrow face is good for a fedora and a wide-brimmed hat typically suits a taller person with round, square or oval shaped faces.”

Consider sun protection when buying a hat, particularly in the heat of Babalu land! Panama straws often provide the perfect treatment. Luckily, Lisa regularly features panama straw in her Spring and Summer collections. The material is shapeable, durable and reliable for those of us who want those day strolls up and down Lincoln Road, brunch on Ocean Drive or lounging poolside to enjoy the Miami sun and summer breeze.

So, why not do all these in a unique, sun-shading, trendy and whimsical looking hat?

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Lisa Battaglia hats are available in-store at Babalu Miami.

CamRod’s Cameo at Babalu Miami

– The Coconut Telegraph –

Recently, Charlie’s Angel-ena and super-stylistina Cameron Diaz shopped at Babalu Miami with her ba-ba-boy A-Rod. That guy gets around! But, as his mama probably says, “At least this one’s half-Cuban!” (Folks forget this blonde’s got salsa.)

And now, she’s got our Panama ($69)

— light, foldable, rolls up, easy to pack. A win-win for the gal who learned something about Miami shooting There’s Something About Mary here years ago. What was the name of that chi-chi restaurant on Lincoln Road she fronted again? Oh, that folded, too.

Oh, well, just in case CamRod makes a baby (or adopts 3), we sell Panama hats for tots, too. ($69)

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