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Hampton Sun Event Highlights: Born Under the Sun

The Babalu Palm Beach event for Hampton Sun proved to be sizzling hot success! Many thanks to our gracious hosts Salvatore Piazzolla & Grant Wilfley for making it all possible. And a special nod to Steven who rocked his Hampton Sun tan and Orlebar Brown shorts like a surf star.

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Enhancing Art with Ruinart

Ruinart, the featured champagne sip throughout Art Basel Miami Beach 2012 had a far greater enhancing effect than the brand’s name would imply.


Thank you Ruinart! We had a ball… Hope to see you again during Art Basel Miami Beach 2013.

Ground Hog Day, September

Wishing you a peaceful and happy Labor Day Weekend 2012.


No Artist Tolerates Reality

Continue to push the boundaries.

Everyone Loves a Parade!

and the winner is…

We’re so proud of our Paolo for designing this gorgeous 5″ x 8″ trophy for the Miami Beach Gay Pride Parade, we almost want to give him a prize, too. And, here it is, babe — the supreme gift of giving.

A volunteer of MBGP Week since its inception, Paolo Ambu has been Parade Coordinator of the Parade Committee (and Parade Choreographer) for 4 years now. You could say his London theater background came in handy. “I like to think of the Parade as show,” he says, “with a beginning, a middle, and a finale, rather than just a line-up of individual vignettes. I like to to get to know each individual entry before I put my thinking cap on and come up with a flow that has narrative as well as entertainment value.” Say it.

The MBGP Parade is on Sunday April 15th at noon. It starts on 7th Street & Ocean Drive and ends on 15th & Ocean. It is the crown event of Gay Pride Week. At exactly 1 p.m., one minute of silence will be observed to honor LGBT victims of AIDS, violence, and fallen U.S. Army servicemen and women. The party will continue at the Lummus Park festival until the big fireworks finale at 9 p.m.

Miami Beach Gay Pride has been increasingly more successful every year with larger crowds coming to South Beach. Over 70.000 people are expected to attend this year.

(Trophy donated by Babalu Miami.)

Behind the Scenes: Outtakes from the Edge

We had a lot of fun making the January blog. I shot and styled two guerilla shoots at 1111. That’s me, babalulu, with Esteban Cortazar in my infamous Levi “shooting shorts” from the ’90s. Apres, he was late for a lunch meeting and changed in the car on our way out of the parking lot. For the Magi shoot, I kidnapped Osmar from the shop, gave him a crash course in photography and made him my assistant. As you can see, Greg and Paolo proved to be quick studies as models for the day.

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