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Babalu Annual Sale



20% – 40% OFF Fashion Styles

Starting now while supplies last

Swimwear, T-shirts, shoes, accessories and much more.

Babalu Garage Sale: It’s Here. It’s Now!

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The Mother of all Garage Sales is here now once again at Babalu.  Come visit us in-store for special offers through 30 June!

The Art of Socks

When Benjamin Vergnion launched Etiquette Clothiers in New York City in 2011, who knew he would start a knitwear revolution from knee to toe – even for tots! See this inspired video created by Etiquette.  Keep it coming – show us how you do it!


Posing comes naturally to a designer pooch named Buddy, NIBA HOME‘s infamous in-house mascot (and model). Fluffed and plopped on his master’s newest made-in-Miami creation, The Flamingo Sofa, designed by facconable proprietress Nisi Berryman, Buddy, 16, is a dog with humble beginnings. He was a rescue.
Shown here in NIBA’s summer “Staycation” postcard wearing a Paul Smith signature-striped leather collar and rose-colored Ray-Ban aviators (below), this affable Jack Russell terrier mix is just at home in NIBA’s showroom in the Design District (where everybody knows his name), as well as in his own back yard. No kooky canine antics like gnawing on the sofa’s Lucite legs or drooling on the ultra-suede pillows. Buddy’s a good boy.

Accessories: Paul Smith beach towel; PS Trilby straw hat

Photography: Jackson McGrath

Garage Sale Days!

When we have a garage sale, we have a garage sale! Glam’s the word! The sky’s the limit! Literally!

On June 19-21, Tuesday to Thursday from 12-7, shop in the clouds on the 7th floor of the coolest garage in town — Herzog & de Meuron’s masterpiece 1111 Lincoln, our home sweet home! Just take the lift in the breezeway by Babalu. Press 7.

You’ll be in heaven buying merch you’ve lusted after — 20-70% off our exclusive luxe brands — Missoni, Paul Smith, Eskuche headphones, Swims shoes, Orlebar Brown and Aussiebum sportswear, Etat Libre d’Orange parfum, Anthony Logistics, Salviati andIittala glass, Noir, Kenneth Jay Lane, Dinosaur Designs and Miriam Salat jewelry, bags by Impossible Possibility. Much more!  Stuff for kids, too!

Beat the crowd. Come early! It’s our first sale since we opened almost two summers ago! Our warehouse runneth over — designer pieces handpicked from top brands all over the world. From Greg & Paolo, with love.

(Opening day promo w/ Gilt City.)

images of © 1111 Lincoln Road are printed with permission from MBeach1, LLLP

Daddy Dearest

What do you get the man who has everything? A tie? C’mon, daddydom has taken on a whole new meaning. This ain’t your old man’s Father’s Day. Today, more gay couples are adopting children, or, ahem, finding ways to spawn their brood (as did twin-daddy papi Ricky Martin). What to gift your diaper-dutied significant other? Here are some fun, father-son summer togs to add to their wardrobe, as well as the necessary accoutrements to spend a well-deserved Sunday off with the fam.

Designer Neil Barrett for Sundek‘s pantoloncino board shorts for men paired with a kid-size swim short (both with signature rainbow band behind). Whether you body-surf, boogie board or parasail, its two-ply, quick drying nylon and triple stitching lasts long time. Top it with a vintage Sundek T-shirt. Bottom it with Ipanema’s sexy, cushy flip flops. What about the middle? From California via Costa Rica, funk up Dad’s Rolex with a bright Pura Vida string bracelet. For all over? Here’s the best, no-harmful-chemicals sunscreen spray — Soleil Organique’s Mineral Sunscreen Mist in a pump. Hey, there’s an app for that! Download it free, you get a timer, weather report, UV index, and online shop!

The Paul Smith beach bonanza story in blue: Handsome canvas tote you’ll have to fight to keep away from your significant otherenviable plush signature-striped beach towelsa rakish ragged-edge straw hat that folds.

Toys for Big Boys: It’s more fun to play paddle ball with Frescobols smashing racquets made in Brazil; especially if the music on his Jawbone Jambox is rocking off his iPhone. Brainiacs will love this leather portable backgammon set. Roll the dice, win, then roll it back up to stash in your beach bag.

Paolo, the designer daddy of Babalu, dreamt up these fab items for our fans: Babalu MIAMI beach towels in tropical shades; Babalu semi-precious stone bracelets; MIAMI Hypno-graphic, short-sleeve tees; Babalu Maori necklace with semi-precious bead chain and silver Maori “Hei Matau” charm for protection, strength and good luck; an Art Deco-inspired, healing copper Wish bracelet designed to bring the wearer 3 wishes; and last, but not least, Babalu cigars for the puff daddy in your daddy.

Make Mom Proud!

   Mother’s Day comes but once a year, the poor dears. Carrying baby in her belly for nine months was tough enough, not to mention all the meals she had to make, all the frills she had to forsake, all the carpooling, the pooh-poohing, the soccer games, the ballet and piano lessons, the hair-pulling, the boyfriends, the girlfriends, your messy room. Then one day you left home. Now that you’re on your own, don’t forget who taught you how to make bread pudding from heels of bread, who showed you how to iron a button-down shirt, who said I-told-you-so when you got married the first time. Ah, yes, Mamma mia! What have you done for her lately? Suggestions?

For starters, breakfast in bed served on a Fornasetti tray: An Aranciata Mimosa in a beautifully etched Salviati crystal champagne flute. One yellow rose lying next to a frothy cappuccino in a Paul Smith graphic coffee mug. Soon as she picks it up she’ll see what’s underneath — an I-Love-You coasterby Ruff House. Awwww. Instead of the Sunday New York Times, get Mom a year’s online subscription on her brand new Apple iPad 2. Splurge with Paul Smith’s vintage-striped leather cover that doubles as a stand. Special! Tuck these into her napkin — festive Kenneth Jay Lane beaded earrings for day, Philippe Audiber‘s gold cuff, Yvone Crista gold danglies for night.

Why not surprise Mom with a new gift every hour? Say you wouldn’t be who you are today if it wasn’t for her. (You can lie a little.) Now start pampering. Tell her you prepared her bath. A plush Missoni bathrobe and flower-powered towel await her. Light the room with Malin+Goetz new Absolute Rose candle. Apres tubber, give her lovely Santa Maria Novella body milk to slather all over. That pink, star-shaped bottle of Bond No. 9’s Madison Avenue looks absolutely Shiaparelli on her toilette next to its sister jar of Bond’s Rose Body Cream. See the grass-green Deco-Moderne rose-blossom centerpiece wound around the perfume cap? Presto — wrap its double rows of beads on your wrist, and it’s a bracelet. Detach the rose and wear it as a brooch. Double-duty spritz glam, thank you, ma’am.

Then take Mom and Dad to lunch! Drape this hot pink Lanno leather necklace around her neck. Stunning! Weighs nothing. Then slide this gorgeous Serpui Marie clutch under her arm. Guaranteed to instill purse envy across a crowded room. When the check comes, smile and sign it with this elegant white Faber Castel pen, then pop it into her purse. She’ll thank you later.

At cocktail hour back home, help Mom put her feet up, then slip these comfy Yosi Samra rose-gold portable ballerina flats on her tired toesies. One martini later, light Mom’s cigarette with a hot Babalu pink DuPont lighter — it’s small and chic — petite and sweet, just like Mom on a good day.

Hey, you’re not excused yet. It’s payback time all day. What’s left in your bag of tricks? Light a candle, not just any candle — Malin + Goetz’s relaxation special — the Cannabis candle, a contrast of fresh citrus with wood-oakmoss, enhanced with sweet patchouli. Don’t worry. It’s legal, be it addictive, and, well, an aphrodisiac. It’s the perfect accompaniment to M+G’s Detox Face Mask Treatment. Apply. Close eyes. Breathe.

G’night, Mom. G’night, Dad.

Spring Gleaning: In with the New!

You don’t have to be in an Easter parade to wear your new Spring hat. Or, strut through London to show off your no-one-has-these, thigh-high Missoni leggings. Refresh thyself. Ban the blues with bold hues of Spring, Babalu style. Shake it, Break it. Bloom, Baba-bloom!  Do more Missoni and adorn thyself from top to bottom — signature multicolored headbands for ladies; lovely cotton-knit long socks for men.

If it looks like rain, or shine, step into Kartell’s sexy plastique ballerina flats…. Stand out! Accessorize, accessorize! You won’t see anyone wearing Yvone Christa at the Symphony! Each romantic piece is handcrafted in Sweden of silver and gold vermeil Venetian filigree with pearls and semi-precious stones. Divoon! Tougher gals cough up the cash for Parisian sculptor Philippe Audiber‘s haute couture cuffs handmade in his atelier in St. Germain des Pres. What’s the saying? Those who can, can.

Now, let’s talk art. Obey artist Shepard Fairey and snag the coolest iPhone Incase. Sez he: “Visual symbols of peace manifest similarly in different cultures, transcending language and reminding us of the basic loves and needs we have in common. Peace is a struggle, but whether these images are ornamental, hopeful, or cautionary, this series promotes harmony.” Hey, sync up by photographing yourself with your iPhone against the very same elephant graphic at Wynwood Kitchen & Bar!

When the bill comes, reach into your back pocket and whip out your slim, day-glo wallet by Paul Smith.Bet you won’t leave this at the bar! Now go home and try out your housewarming gift — a Fornasetti incense holder with 7 kisses for the bedroom. Just might improve bedside manners. And, for the before? What’s sexier than a fresh shave with TwinLuxe Shaving Kit and Smooth Shave Cream (no water needed) followed by a pea-sized dollop of After Shave Balm.

I can almost hear it: “The name’s Bond…James Bond.”

Spring Brings March Merch!

When Daylight Savings Time sneaks up on you (usually that Saturday night you’re hung over), “Spring forward, Fall back” is the formula for setting your oh-so-versatile, made-in-Italy O clock watch. Well, we did gain 24 hours this Leap Year, only to have one taken away. Such is life in the fast lane.

O-Clock Mix-Match Watches

Which is why you need every Rodin anti-aging, skin care product created by Linda Rodin, stylist and former fashion editor for Harper’s Bazaar. Try Olio Lusso first, an elixir with a strong following among fashion & beauty insiders as a miracle oil for women of all ages. Two: pick up and pack that lip gloss, then pucker up.

Rodin Luxury Oils, Lip Balm and Hand Cream

Adorn your new-y dewy face with extraordinary handcrafted jewelry from Monies,  a Danish company founded by goldsmiths Gerda and Nikolai Monies. Their two collections — “Production” and “Unique” — are made in Copenhagen from natural materials culled from all over: petrified wood, fossils, precious stones, mammoth, shells, coconut, amber, coral, cowbone, cowhorn, copper, seeds, stones from Danish beaches and 24-karat gold from Greenland. Gold mines in Greenland?!? Who knew?

Monies Resin Gem Spring 2012 Collection

Men, a word — headgear. Top it off with Paul Smith‘s colorful bevy of straw hats. Good for the beach with a pair of his striped swim shorts with invisible pockets. Just in: Paul Smith’s Spring 2012 line of leather sandals for men and women, inc. the corky Bonita platform sandal.

Paul Smith Signature Accessories

And, finally, our best-sellingloafer for that ship-to-shore catwalk — gangway, we now carry women’s Swims!

Just in! Swims loafers for ladies

Takin’ it to the Max Wilson

by Cyn. Zarco

Max Wilson’s mantra: “I love stripes!” As if you couldn’t tell he’s got a thing for verticals. Comfy in Comme de Garcons Play‘s striped navy sweater, Ralph Lauren’s former VP of women’s couture is chilling dockside at The Standard like a tourist on a slow Caribbean cruise. But, make no mistake — Max is no stranger to South Beach. With a pied-a terre here and there, this New York designer snowbird has been flying south for the winter for some time now.

We ask him what he likes best at Babalu: “I l-o-v-e my blue Aussie Bum swim trunks! ” he says, laughing out loud like a young Geoffrey Holder then giggling with glee. “I like the orange ones, too, ’cause guess what — I l-o-v-e color!” No stretch there. No need to wonder why his accessories of choice are red Mosley Tribe shades, a Paul Smith satchel plus multi-stripe socks (apres swim) in the bag. “Oh, and when I’m here I live in Swims loafers,” he adds. “They’re so comfortable and chic. And, I can wash them!”

I’m so tired of drab,” says the designer watching a boat slip into Biscayne Bay. “Everything out there for men is grey, brown, black or navy. We’re not in the Army! That’s why I’m creating my own men’s collection — it’s classic, sporty, sexy…and fun! Like me.” LOL “And, affordable — not cheap, but not so out of reach like some European men’s lines, you only see a few pieces on the street.”

Mr. Wilson knows what he’s talking about. With a 30-year track record that reads like Women’s Wear Daily, he’s worked with the best — from Ralph Lauren, Calvin Klein, Zack Carr, Alixandre Furs, Dana Buchman, Philippe David Dessins to Sean Combs. Look book — www.maxwilson.net

“I’ve been in fashion since I moved to New York from Detroit to study at Parsons School of Design in the ’70s,” he says, eyes atwinkle. [Why is this man not on TV?!] “Now I’m on faculty. It’s all about giving back. I’m mentoring the future fashion designers of America.”

Photos: ©Cyn. Zarco2012

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