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Arquiste Scentsation

Join us for a series of events to announce the pre-launch of Arquiste “The Architects Club” featuring renowned perfumier Carlos Huber.  RSVP@ilovebabalu.com. Space is limited.


Arquiste Event_ Babalu

When it’s Just Too Much to Decide!

Amsterdam-based artists Lernert Engelberts and Sander Plug have devised the perfect perfume solution for those moments when more is just that…

Lernert Engelberts and Sander Plug

Lernert Engelberts and Sander Plug

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Michelyn Gets High on Cloud Nine w/RIMA XI

Michelyn has discovered love in a bottle! Of Rima XI, that is.

Carner Barcelona is a favorite brand at the Babalu Miami Perfume Bar and Rima XI the brand’s newest launch was announced on January 25, 2013 as a top-five finalist in the upcoming FIFI Awards, the fragrance industry’s prestigious Red Carpet.


Enjoy this esteemed writer’s gushing review on Cafleurebon of Carner Barcelona’s Rima XI.

Move Over Movember

Dear Gentlemen:

You are already mid-way through Movember so far be it for us to divert your stache-sprouting efforts.  In fact, here at Olie Biologique we’re in awe of your presto-change-o manliness. As the end of November IS drawing near, and in case your partner has had enough, or if you’re frustrated with food getting stuck where it shouldn’t or you are just generally concerned about birds building nests, then it may be time to get your lather on.

(Okay, if the ’s’ word that rhymes with ‘saving’ is far too tempting right now, we suggest you do not read any further.)

Olie b’s Pre- and Post-Shaving Tips

More hair means more care, but with the simple addition of skincare oils you can easily and effectively return to a state of hairless bliss.


-Opt to shave after a hot steam shower, or prep the face with lukewarm water to soften and release hair follicles.

-Use your preferred face oil to provide protection between the skin and the blade. Apply several drops to all areas to be shaved including the neck.

-Apply your favorite shave cream.

-To avoid ingrown hairs, shave with the direction of the hairs’ growth. This is typically a downward shave on the face and an upward shave over the neck area.


-Rinse with lukewarm water.

-Pat vs. rub dry.

-Apply face oil to soothe, moisturize and reduce post-shave redness, dryness and breakouts. Opt for all-natural products in your grooming regimen. With no added chemicals, synthetics or fragrance, they’re not only safer, they won’t sting.  We recommend Olie Biologique face oils for their natural, soothing and regenerating properties.  Choose skincare oils with the healing ingredients argan oil and rosehip oil to eliminate redness on contact, and to repair the skin from razor bumps and nicks.

Here’s to the end of Movember, great health and smooth faces!

Mustache gracias!

Art Basel Miami Beach 2012 Catalog Presale

Don’t schlep it, ship it!

Love is in the air once again. With Art Basel Miami Beach 2012 soon about to descend upon Miami Beach, we are taking catalog pre-sales now. This limited edition art bible features over 260 world leading art galleries and more than 300 color illustrations. Pre-order your limited edition copy for November delivery and receive a special Gift with Purchase from by Kilian.

Order your copy here.

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