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South Florida Teasers – Palm Beach

It might be the end of summer for most of the Northern Hemisphere, but for Florida this is the beginning of our holiday season. With tropical rains giving way to South Florida’s more temperate climate, this is just about the only place you would want to be. It is also the best time of the year to explore. If you’re a nature lover, shopping addict, architecture or history buff – or all of the above, your options are abundant.

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Worth Avenue, view from the Everglades Club.

For the perfect day trip, just over an hour drive north of Miami is Palm Beach, one of our favorites and must-see spots.

Founded by Henry Flagler in the late 1800’s as a resort destination, Palm Beach sits on a barrier island with one of the most expansive sandy beaches ever, and this is only the beginning. The Worth Avenue shopping destination is a genuine treasure. A consolidated version of Los Angeles’ Rodeo Drive, touting a selection of world-renowned brands, one-of-a-kind antique stores and children boutiques, Worth Avenue has something for everyone. After all, the island motto is: “the best of everything”.

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Via Mizner, built in a Mediterranean Revival and Spanish Colonial styles by Architect Addison Mizner

Influenced by Mediterranean Revival and Spanish Colonial styles and envisioned largely by Architect Addison Mizner, Worth Avenue is flanked by the most picturesque lacework of “Vias”, yep, that’s the Italian name for street, with romantic names like Via Amore, Via Flora or Via Encantada, the perfect place to lose oneself.

Via Mizner represents the most distinguished and exclusive hide-away on Worth.  Exquisitely designed and the former residence of Mr. Mizner himself, you’ll find the vibrant outdoor Pizza al Fresco restaurant along with Renato‘s fine-dining establishment, both gently tucked away in beautiful Mediterranean style piazzas.  And guess what else is coming to Via Mizner this November….  stay tuned for more!

While perusing Worth Avenue. Don’t miss Acento boutique,  the showcase for designer jewelry hand-picked from around the world located in Via Bice. After that, head towards the Everglades Club, also designed by Addison Mizner and which represents one of the most exclusive and secretive clubs in the world.  On the way, stop at Spring Flowers, which purveys some of the most adorable children’s clothes. And the Ralph Lauren on Worth Avenue is not to be missed.

The town center of Palm Beach is also worth passing through, on the short drive north to view the famous Breakers Hotel, for it’s cool Mediterranean charm and scale.

There are lots of hidden gems to discover on your own – in a wonderful gem of a community that has been hidden in plain sight for over 100 years.

The Everglades Club, built in 1918. Designed by Addison Mizner in Spanish-mission-style.

The Everglades Club, built in 1918. Designed by Addison Mizner in Spanish-mission-style.



PIZZA AL FRESCO:  14 Via Mizner

TABOO:  221 Worth Avenue

BICE: 313 1/2 Worth Avenue, Suite a1, Via Bice


ACENTO:  313 Worth Avenue, Suite A2, Via Bice


RALPH LAUREN: 300 Wrth Avenue


VIA MIZNER:  Off Worth Avenue

THE BREAKERS HOTEL:  1 South County Road

THE FLAGLER MUSEUM:  1 Whitehall Way

Max Wilson has a Facelift!

Style icon extraordinare Max Wilson just re-vamped his website. Peek at the 2013 menswear previews or simply enjoy a flashback of some of his most iconic looks – it’s a treat!

Sketches for Ike Behar 2013, left. Max Wilson, right.

Takin’ it to the Max Wilson

by Cyn. Zarco

Max Wilson’s mantra: “I love stripes!” As if you couldn’t tell he’s got a thing for verticals. Comfy in Comme de Garcons Play‘s striped navy sweater, Ralph Lauren’s former VP of women’s couture is chilling dockside at The Standard like a tourist on a slow Caribbean cruise. But, make no mistake — Max is no stranger to South Beach. With a pied-a terre here and there, this New York designer snowbird has been flying south for the winter for some time now.

We ask him what he likes best at Babalu: “I l-o-v-e my blue Aussie Bum swim trunks! ” he says, laughing out loud like a young Geoffrey Holder then giggling with glee. “I like the orange ones, too, ’cause guess what — I l-o-v-e color!” No stretch there. No need to wonder why his accessories of choice are red Mosley Tribe shades, a Paul Smith satchel plus multi-stripe socks (apres swim) in the bag. “Oh, and when I’m here I live in Swims loafers,” he adds. “They’re so comfortable and chic. And, I can wash them!”

I’m so tired of drab,” says the designer watching a boat slip into Biscayne Bay. “Everything out there for men is grey, brown, black or navy. We’re not in the Army! That’s why I’m creating my own men’s collection — it’s classic, sporty, sexy…and fun! Like me.” LOL “And, affordable — not cheap, but not so out of reach like some European men’s lines, you only see a few pieces on the street.”

Mr. Wilson knows what he’s talking about. With a 30-year track record that reads like Women’s Wear Daily, he’s worked with the best — from Ralph Lauren, Calvin Klein, Zack Carr, Alixandre Furs, Dana Buchman, Philippe David Dessins to Sean Combs. Look book — www.maxwilson.net

“I’ve been in fashion since I moved to New York from Detroit to study at Parsons School of Design in the ’70s,” he says, eyes atwinkle. [Why is this man not on TV?!] “Now I’m on faculty. It’s all about giving back. I’m mentoring the future fashion designers of America.”

Photos: ©Cyn. Zarco2012

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