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Papa can you hear me?

We all have a man we love to call, “Dad”. Some of us even have two! They made us fly like Superman spinning us around hanging us by our arms, taught us how to change a flat tire,  scared away boyfriends with one of his I’ll kill you looks and some Dads taught us to never pull their finger (seriously, don’t do it). We appreciate those men in our lives that make us look back and remember why we honor them this weekend. Happy Father’s Day.

Ricky Martin and his twins Matteo and Valentino

Ricky Martin and his twins Matteo and Valentino

Heaven, Hell & LaChapelle

HEAVEN to HELL, David LaChapelle $39.99

Under the heavenly light of Miami’s Glass House Studio, uberstar photographer David LaChapelle worked like hell (he went through 3 T-shirts) shooting Ricky Martin and Nicky Minaj for M∙A∙C’s next Viva Glam campaign featuring their hot, new lipstick — Flamingo Pink. So Babalu!

Every cent of every $14.50 sale goes toward the M∙A∙C AIDS Fund. Save the world one lipstick at a time. Click www.vivaglam.com.

Then go to Hell — Heaven to Hell, David’s third book in his trilogy of great work: One, LaChapelle Land; Two, Hotel LaChapelle.

Click VideoVille for David’s madlib rap, “Shoppin’ at Babalu…”

Barbie Dream House Ring, $262.50

DLC photo: @2011 cyn.zarco


With this ring I thee dream of all things LaChapelle.

Complete with gold staircase and chandelier, all it’s missing is Amanda Lepore swigging champagne with Barbie in the penthouse atelier.

Wear on one finger (closed) or two as a doubleknuckler. (In-store only.)

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