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The Art of Socks

When Benjamin Vergnion launched Etiquette Clothiers in New York City in 2011, who knew he would start a knitwear revolution from knee to toe – even for tots! See this inspired video created by Etiquette.  Keep it coming – show us how you do it!

Babalu Miami Featured in Miami Herald

Developer Robert Wennett explains how his vision of 11 11 Lincoln Road acted as catalyst for the upmarket gentrification and continuing positive developments on Lincoln Road.

Babalu Miami featured as one of Lincoln Road’s high-end retailers.

 For full article, visit: http://www.miamiherald.com/2012/11/08/3088107/retail-revs-up-on-south-beachs.html

Monies: A Love Affair

Call it beauty, call it love.  Call it a frolic through fossilized mammoth ivory.

Monies one-of-a-kind creations left and right. Gerda Lynggaard and Nikoli Monies, center.

As we descend into Copenhagen direct from Miami on this sunny summer Sunday morning, we know we had been delivered straight to the cradle of Scandinavian artistic talent.

Upon arrival at the Copenhagen airport, we were greeted by none other than dashing jeweler-extraordinaire Nikolai Monies of the husband-and-wife creative dream-team behind the famed Monies jewelry brand.

As we were escorted through this city rich in Scandinavian history, the ride into Copenhagen is brought to life by Nikolai’s explanation of city historical landmarks.  We drove past the Royal castle, approaching the idyllic harbor-front Monies workshop and retail space, located right by the Kastellet fortress –  a stone’s throw from the Little Mermaid.

Monies workshop and retail space in Copenhagen.

We were graciously received with a fragrant breakfast of delicious Danish pastries and hot coffee. Heaven! We’re in the presence of some of the most talented jewelers in the world.

Nikolai’s wife Gerda Lynggaard met us at the workshop and from there we learned more intimate details about this special duo and their long-term and very loyal design team.

Gerda and Nikolai met during studies in 1973 where they trained together as goldsmiths.  For the last 40 years they have created a style completely unique, based on one-of-a-kind pieces and small production collections.

Over the years Monies have created memorable designs for some of the world’s biggest fashion houses like Chanel, Christian Lacroix and frequent collaborations with Donna Karan.  Today they are working entirely on creating and designing for the Monies eponymous brand.

Since the opening of the Monies shop on Rue Saint Honoré in Paris, several more retail boutiques have followed in other cities, including; Istanbul, Milan, Rome, Paris, Brescia and Lille.

Gerda and Nikolai’s work is based on natural materials that they personally gather from around the world, relics of a life lived by kindred, spirited and spontaneous souls. Elegant and avant-garde with a distinct sense of humor, each piece is its own stroke of genius.

Gerda focuses on proportion and form, while Nikolai approaches his work from a more technical point of reference (which helps explain the curious machinery on display in the workshop).

At the end of our time together Nikolai professes, ‘I’m married to the most talented jeweler in the world’.  How more glorious to summarize a lifetime of dedication and romance.

Paolo selects jewelry, left. Natural treasures at the workshop, center. Monies staff at work, right.

El Simbolo de la Pasion: Rima XI by Carner Barcelona

La poesía nunca ha tenido semejante fragancia. Inspirado por el poema de Gustavo Adolfo Bécquer, Carner Barcelona lanza RIMA XI. Inolvidable!


Poetry never smelled so good. Inspired by the poem of Gustavo Adolfo Becquer, Carner Barcelona launches RIMA XI. Unforgettable!


Yo soy ardiente, yo soy morena,
yo soy el simbolo de la pasion,
de ansia de goces mi alma esta llena.
A mi me buscas?
– No es a ti, no.

Mi frente es palida, mis trenzas de oro:
puedo brindarte dichas sin fin,
yo de ternuras guardo un tesoro.
A mi me buscas?
– No, no es a ti.

Yo soy un sueno, un imposible,
vano fantasma de niebla y luz;
soy incorporea, soy intangible:
no puedo amarte.
– Oh ven, ven tu!



I am ardent, I am dark, I am the symbol of passion,
Of longing of pleasure; my soul is full.
Do you seek for me?
– No, it’s not for you, no.

My face is fair, my hair, of gold,
I can offer you pleasure without end;
I, of tenderness, guard a treasure.
Do you call for me?
– No, no, not for you.

I am a dream, the impossible,
Vain phantom of fog and light;
I am incorporeal, I am intangible;
I cannot love you.
– Oh come, you come!

TOP NOTES: Guatemalan Cardamom, Madagascan Black Pepper, Moroccan Nanah Mint, Saffron

HEART NOTES: Ceylon Cinnamon, Indonesian Nutmeg, Indian Jasmine Sambac, Coriander

BASE NOTES: Virginian Cedar Wood, Australian Sandal Wood, Madagascan Vanilla Absolute, Benzoin from Laos, Soft Amber, Musk

Let’s Get Knotty!

Get knotty with our beautifully slim models, just in from Italy.

Missoni ties in colorful iconic motifs now available at Babalu Miami.


Two years ago Red Carter, the freckle-faced women’s swimwear designer whose ebullient persona could upstage Isaac Mizrahi at his mom’s house, licensed his private label, Red Carter, to fashion giant Amerex Group. (They’re behind Jessica Simpson’s swimwear line, which Red also designs.)

“I’m solely creative now,” Red says happily from his showroom in New York’s Fashion District. “Before I was designing and producing my swimsuits, doing sales, and packing boxes off to Macy’s! I was getting in my own way! We were a small machine — I had five employees.”

Flush from a rave showing of Red Carter Swim 2013 collection at Mercedes-Benz Miami Swim Week, the once South Beach local reveals his modus inspiration:

“One grouping is dedicated to Miami Beach’s art deco architecture. An asymmetrical, black-and-white bustier one-piece I call “Deco” has a hand-beaded, art deco frieze. The other grouping reflects is a homage to my new home — New York. Yes, I’m living in the jungle for the first time.”

His piece called “Disco Ball” is inspired by Studio 54: “It comes from one, very late night I don’t remember.”

Born and raised in LA, Red (nee Daniel William Red Carter) grew up poolside. As a young man, he trained as a competitive swimmer, diver and water polo player. But, forever enthralled by the lavish glamour of old Hollywood cinema, he enrolled at Otis/Parson School of Art and Design to study fashion.

After graduation, Red got his big break — designing junior sportswear and activewear for Esprit in San Francisco. He was on his way! Stints at Guess Jeans, Rampage, Mossimo, Victoria’s Secret, and Oscar de la Renta gave him the designer chops to launch his namesake line of swimwear in 2004 — Red Carter, all made and sold out of his South Beach apartment.

Asked if he misses those halcyon beach days in SoBe, Red says wistfully, “I miss all my friends, but I visit. Now that I live and work in Manhattan, understand the need to get away often. It’s imperative for my sanity.”

What Red Carter loves most about Babalu: “I love the candles, especially the ones by Malin & Goetz. I think the first thing I bought at Babalu was a Fornasetti ashtray with a big eyeball!

What does he recommend for a day at the beach, for the endless summer that only happens in Miami?

1. Soleil Organique sunscreen & after-sun products

2. Recycled Sails beach bag by Save the C

3. Ipanema flip flops

5. Orlebar Brown men’s swimwear

6. FB Collection line beach towels

7. Noir Patchouli by Histoires de Parfumes

Ground Hog Day, September

Wishing you a peaceful and happy Labor Day Weekend 2012.


Fragrance of the Week: Amazingreen

Fresh-squeezed and full of surprises: AMAZINGREEN. Launched this July, this new unisex Comme des Garçons scent delivers another brilliant combination of unexpected flavors that mix Palm Tree Leaves, Dew Mist, Gunpowder and Smoke that promises “a blast of green energy” to surprise and revive the senses.

Created by renowned nose Jean-Christophe Herault, AMAZINGREEN emits top notes of verdant natural wild leaves, settles with an elemental heart of flint and coriander, and finishes with an explosion of gunpowder and white musk. Unique!


Palm tree leaves, green pepper, dew mist, jungle leaves.


Ivy leaves, orris roots, coriander seeds, silex


Gunpowder accord, vetiver, smoke, white musk.

AMAZINGREEN Eau de Parfum is avalable in 100ml and 50ml signature spray bottles.

Flipping Pink

“Picasso had his pink period and his blue period.  I am in my blonde period right now.”  – Hugh Hefner

Over the past couple of centuries, the associations of pink and blue have flip-flopped as relating to gender.

Real Men Wear Pink

Wikipedia explains the gender-role flip of pink over the last century. Interesting read…

An article in the trade publication Earnshaw’s Infants’ Department in June 1918 said: “The generally accepted rule is pink for the boys, and blue for the girls. The reason is that pink, being a more decided and stronger color, is more suitable for the boy, while blue, which is more delicate and dainty, is prettier for the girl.”[18] From then until the 1940s, pink was considered appropriate for boys because being related to red it was the more masculine and decided color, while blue was considered appropriate for girls because it was the more delicate and dainty color, or related to the Virgin Mary.[19][20][21] Since the 1940s, the societal norm was inverted; pink became considered appropriate for girls and blue appropriate for boys, a practice that has continued into the 21st century.[22]
Don’t be shy, child.  If it feels good, throw it on!

Russian Icon

We recently spotted this Russian relic dating to the 70’s in Tallin, Estonia. Once a symbol of city life and luxury, the Lada Classic was extremely popular across the Soviet Bloc.

Status Quo: One can’t help but stop and stare at this Soviet former beauty

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