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Babalu Garage Sale: It’s Here. It’s Now!

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The Mother of all Garage Sales is here now once again at Babalu.  Come visit us in-store for special offers through 30 June!

Staff Picks by Stephen

Our In-house Experts Describe what Makes them Gush Most

Babalu Miami Superstar Stephen.

Babalu Miami Superstar Stephen.

Frescobol Paddle Ball set:  “Hit… Plat… Hit… Plat.” I love playing on the beach here in Miami and this handcrafted paddle ball set from Brasil is not only beautiful, but special. Each paddle is hand-crafted with recycled rainforest wood, each piece unique.
Sundek:  Everyone knows Sundek has been around for a while, and let me tell you, it’s here to stay. Need some fun in your wardrobe? Bring the rainbow with these shorts. With a variety of patterns, stripes or solids you’re bound to find your shade of happy.  You’ll even find some of old school styles that are always hip and which are also my favorite.
Soleil Organique:  If you’re are searching for a healthy-choice alternative sunblock, look no further. Soleil Organique it’s a vegan and organic sunblock, water resistant that includes green tea leaves and other botanical extracts. All na-tu-ral for organic and vegan lovers. I feel much safer and more at ease knowing that harsh unwanted chemicals aren’t flooding into my skin. I prefer to look sun-kissed without the risks of parabens, petrochemicals and animal ingredients, thank you very much. This is my first step for a perfect day out in Miami Beach.
The FB Frescobol set includes: two paddles, two balls and nylon carrying bag.

The FB Frescobol set includes: two paddles, two balls and nylon carrying bag.

Daddy Dearest

What do you get the man who has everything? A tie? C’mon, daddydom has taken on a whole new meaning. This ain’t your old man’s Father’s Day. Today, more gay couples are adopting children, or, ahem, finding ways to spawn their brood (as did twin-daddy papi Ricky Martin). What to gift your diaper-dutied significant other? Here are some fun, father-son summer togs to add to their wardrobe, as well as the necessary accoutrements to spend a well-deserved Sunday off with the fam.

Designer Neil Barrett for Sundek‘s pantoloncino board shorts for men paired with a kid-size swim short (both with signature rainbow band behind). Whether you body-surf, boogie board or parasail, its two-ply, quick drying nylon and triple stitching lasts long time. Top it with a vintage Sundek T-shirt. Bottom it with Ipanema’s sexy, cushy flip flops. What about the middle? From California via Costa Rica, funk up Dad’s Rolex with a bright Pura Vida string bracelet. For all over? Here’s the best, no-harmful-chemicals sunscreen spray — Soleil Organique’s Mineral Sunscreen Mist in a pump. Hey, there’s an app for that! Download it free, you get a timer, weather report, UV index, and online shop!

The Paul Smith beach bonanza story in blue: Handsome canvas tote you’ll have to fight to keep away from your significant otherenviable plush signature-striped beach towelsa rakish ragged-edge straw hat that folds.

Toys for Big Boys: It’s more fun to play paddle ball with Frescobols smashing racquets made in Brazil; especially if the music on his Jawbone Jambox is rocking off his iPhone. Brainiacs will love this leather portable backgammon set. Roll the dice, win, then roll it back up to stash in your beach bag.

Paolo, the designer daddy of Babalu, dreamt up these fab items for our fans: Babalu MIAMI beach towels in tropical shades; Babalu semi-precious stone bracelets; MIAMI Hypno-graphic, short-sleeve tees; Babalu Maori necklace with semi-precious bead chain and silver Maori “Hei Matau” charm for protection, strength and good luck; an Art Deco-inspired, healing copper Wish bracelet designed to bring the wearer 3 wishes; and last, but not least, Babalu cigars for the puff daddy in your daddy.

Springtime is for Kids!

Look out! The kids are out of school! That means full-time duty for moms and pops till Easter break is over. With temperatures climbing into the 90s, Spring feels more like Summer. What’s going on?!? Is this Global Warming or Global Frying?!?

Better head to the beach and bring your wigwam. But, first wipe Supergoop Sunscreen Swipes with Zinc all over your little critters. These pre-moistened, paraben-free, water-resistant wipes pack powerful SPF30 protection for sensitive skin on face and body. Good for baby mommies, too.

Wanna be like Daddy. Sundek now makes rainbow-band board shorts for boys in short and long, just like the big boys. Hang on to your boogie board! Quick drying and tough, these togs are great! Handy, too, with an adjustable waistband and three pockets for shells, frogs, and puppy dog tails.

Sun too bright? Plop on a kidsize pair of Linda Farrow tortoise-shell shades on his head, strap him in the Jeep and drive! Tell him he’s Jack Nicholson, Jr., the strong and silent type.

“Clean up in Aisle 1!” Who said if you’re not getting dirty, you’re not having fun — Bob the Builder? Pack a stack of individually wrapped, refreshing Alvarez Gomez Agua de Colonia Concentrada Towelettes in your bag, and wipe up your rowdy little petrie dish till he (or she) smells like a lemon grove in Spain. (One can dream.) Created in 1912, this classic eau de cologne is enhanced with essences of Mediterranean plants, flowers and fruit — official notes are Spanish lavender, lemon, geranium, eucalyptus, rosemary, thyme, English lavender and bergamot. Pat one on the back of your neck, too. You deserve it. Ah, the pitter patter of little children — can’t live without them; can’t kill them.

Psychic Santa’s Celeb Recap

by Cyn. Zarco


‘Twas two nights before Christmas when all through Babalu, three guys came a-stirrin’ and shoppin’ yoo-hoo!

“Here for the holidays?” I said, to the quiet one riffling through the rack of SunDek swim shorts. No tan — definitely a tourist. “Visiting my friend,” he said, pointing to the one playing with the Tic-Tacs. Quiet One unfolds a pair of teensy Paul Smith swim briefs and does a doubletake. “Hmmmm…kinda small…must be for a kid…” Not.

As he looks over a pair of Paul Smith Rabbit Sneakers, I check his shoes  — well-traveled, designer combat boots. Doesn’t ring a bell. They remind me of Johnny Depp’s, only his are Army Navy.

“Where’d you get those?” I ask, nosy. (Once a reporter always a reporter.) He mutters what I think is Martinique then I realize he means Martin Margiela. He picks up a pair of white Orlebar Brown swim shorts and looks for a dressing room. I lead him behind the bookshelf/office/changing room. Time passes. Door opens slightly. His friends approve. I miss the show.

“Ipanema flip-flops for the beach?”

“Got hundreds of those,” he says. He picks up the last Brittdesign teddy bear. It’s flat, soft and cute with Xs for eyes. I say it’s made in Sydney by friends of the owners. He likes it. What I don’t know at the time is Tall, Not Tan & Quiet is none other than ABC’s hot property — David Muir, award-winning reporter and Weekend anchor for “ABC World News.” At the register, I notice a slight twinge of sticker shock: “How much?!” he says before handing over his card. His friend answers: “I threw in a couple of Tic-Tacs….”

“Late Night with Jimmy Fallon” drummer Questlove  & Cyn. “Psychic Santa” Zarco


“Good thing you dropped your toothbrush,” I say to Questlove the second time he walks into Babalu to Christmas shop on Psychic Santa Saturday. The big guy just smiles. I think I see his Fight-the-Power Afro pick move a little. Best known as drummer for The Roots, the Grammy-winning house band for “Late Night with Jimmy Fallon,” Questlove a.k.a Ahmir Khalib Thompson was in South Beach to deejay at Wall on Christmas Eve. And, put in some quality down time.

“When I’m in town, I always come to Babalu,” says the Philly native as he cooly peruses the shelves before laying down some heavy plastic for three fortune-cookie keychains and Rizzolli’s “The Story of Island Records: Keep on Trucking” on founder/pioneer SoBe hotelier Chris Blackwell.

“You know Chris?” I say yakking. “We met at The Marlin.” Says Questlove, “I record at his studio in the Islands.” This guy is busy. Aside from his regular day, well, night, gig at NBC, he has produced hits for Jay-Z, Erykah “You Got Me” Badu, John Legend, Jill Scott, Al Green, and Amy Winehouse. Not too shabby. But, lately, folks may know him for hijinks — he played Fishbone’s tune “Lyin’ Ass Bitch” on “Late Night with Jimmy Fallon” as then-Republican presidential candidate Michele Bachman appeared. A-ight.

I say: “You’re from Philly, so you must know my once-upon-a time BF Ornette Coleman jazz bassist/funk producer Jamaaladeen Tacuma.” Questlove’s eyes get big. “Wow, he discovered us! If it wasn’t for Jamaal I wouldn’t be where I am today.”

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