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Springtime is for Kids!

Look out! The kids are out of school! That means full-time duty for moms and pops till Easter break is over. With temperatures climbing into the 90s, Spring feels more like Summer. What’s going on?!? Is this Global Warming or Global Frying?!?

Better head to the beach and bring your wigwam. But, first wipe Supergoop Sunscreen Swipes with Zinc all over your little critters. These pre-moistened, paraben-free, water-resistant wipes pack powerful SPF30 protection for sensitive skin on face and body. Good for baby mommies, too.

Wanna be like Daddy. Sundek now makes rainbow-band board shorts for boys in short and long, just like the big boys. Hang on to your boogie board! Quick drying and tough, these togs are great! Handy, too, with an adjustable waistband and three pockets for shells, frogs, and puppy dog tails.

Sun too bright? Plop on a kidsize pair of Linda Farrow tortoise-shell shades on his head, strap him in the Jeep and drive! Tell him he’s Jack Nicholson, Jr., the strong and silent type.

“Clean up in Aisle 1!” Who said if you’re not getting dirty, you’re not having fun — Bob the Builder? Pack a stack of individually wrapped, refreshing Alvarez Gomez Agua de Colonia Concentrada Towelettes in your bag, and wipe up your rowdy little petrie dish till he (or she) smells like a lemon grove in Spain. (One can dream.) Created in 1912, this classic eau de cologne is enhanced with essences of Mediterranean plants, flowers and fruit — official notes are Spanish lavender, lemon, geranium, eucalyptus, rosemary, thyme, English lavender and bergamot. Pat one on the back of your neck, too. You deserve it. Ah, the pitter patter of little children — can’t live without them; can’t kill them.

In-A-Gadda Islamorada

Jetski, anyone?


by cyn. zarco

When my friends invited me to brunch at Bal Harbour one Sunday, I had no clue that two hours and two Mimosas later I’d be hanging on for dear life on the back of a jet ski in Key Largo.

Not a fan of this testosterone-driven sea vessel (Too noisy. I’d rather drive a Porsche), I let them talk me into going out to sea on the back of one for a half hour. As long as I was the passenger, I thought, I’d be safe. Needless to say, this was my first time on a jetski. I was, dare I say it, yes, like a virgin.

But, first, we had to dress down and buy sunscreen. (Damn! Didn’t have my Babalu SPF Supergoop!) Solution: The Dollar Store. There are three. For under $20, we quickly transformed ourselves into tourists. I looked dork-iest in an XXL yellow golf tee Omar shredded at the cash register with scissors. Very Project Runway.

In minutes we were dockside at the Tiki Bar at JJ’s Big Chill. Life preservers strapped on, picture IDs in the boot, I straddled the beast and hung on. Omar was a big tease. He kept threatening to buck like a bronco, but, he knew if we fell off, it’d be hell getting back on especially if the thing tipped over. I saw myself floating to shore on my back as they towed me in with a scow.

It was 96 degrees out and the salt spray felt good on my face. Willy zoomed off into the horizon like a kid on a new bike. We were all alone out there except for two sailboats and some fishermen happily drinking beer. No traffic. No sharks. No worries.   Cost: $55/30 minutes — Ask for Dave. keysadventureswaterports.com

Sundown at Pierre's, MM 81.6


Back in street clothes after a shower by the pool, it was time for mojitos. In the Keys, there’s nothing further from Jimmy-Buffett Margaritaville than Pierre’s Restaurant and the Morada Bay Beach Cafe & Bar across from The Moorings. Same owner, stunner ouevre.

Why fly to St. Barth’s when there’s a temple of tropical, rustic Euro-chic just an hour’s drive from Miami? (From South Beach take SR 112 West to 836 West then the Turnpike south to A1A, turn right on Mile Marker 81.6.) Soon as you walk in you feel as if  you stepped into a catalog. No wonder. This is the primo location for fashion shoots. And, weddings. We slurped our drinks, dug our feet in the sand and watched the big orange sun sink into the bay. pierres-restaurant.com

Keys Island Grill, MM85, Islamorada


No trip to the Keys is complete without sampling the local frutti di mare in a wood shanty on stilts in briny water. Just under the bridge at Island Grill (Mile Marker 85) we sat at the bar drinking cold beer until our platters of fresh Yellowtail snapper, deep-fried head and all, emerged from the kitchen. ($25.95) Thank you, Chef Ralph, a New York expat! Mmm…mm..mmmh! I could live here, right here on this barstool. It’s been done. Pass the key lime pie, please.  keysislandgrill.com


3 Keys Photos: ©2011 cynzarco.com

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