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Babalu Annual Sale



20% – 40% OFF Fashion Styles

Starting now while supplies last

Swimwear, T-shirts, shoes, accessories and much more.

Babalu Garage Sale: It’s Here. It’s Now!

#babalumiami #garagesale

The Mother of all Garage Sales is here now once again at Babalu.  Come visit us in-store for special offers through 30 June!

Spring Brings March Merch!

When Daylight Savings Time sneaks up on you (usually that Saturday night you’re hung over), “Spring forward, Fall back” is the formula for setting your oh-so-versatile, made-in-Italy O clock watch. Well, we did gain 24 hours this Leap Year, only to have one taken away. Such is life in the fast lane.

O-Clock Mix-Match Watches

Which is why you need every Rodin anti-aging, skin care product created by Linda Rodin, stylist and former fashion editor for Harper’s Bazaar. Try Olio Lusso first, an elixir with a strong following among fashion & beauty insiders as a miracle oil for women of all ages. Two: pick up and pack that lip gloss, then pucker up.

Rodin Luxury Oils, Lip Balm and Hand Cream

Adorn your new-y dewy face with extraordinary handcrafted jewelry from Monies,  a Danish company founded by goldsmiths Gerda and Nikolai Monies. Their two collections — “Production” and “Unique” — are made in Copenhagen from natural materials culled from all over: petrified wood, fossils, precious stones, mammoth, shells, coconut, amber, coral, cowbone, cowhorn, copper, seeds, stones from Danish beaches and 24-karat gold from Greenland. Gold mines in Greenland?!? Who knew?

Monies Resin Gem Spring 2012 Collection

Men, a word — headgear. Top it off with Paul Smith‘s colorful bevy of straw hats. Good for the beach with a pair of his striped swim shorts with invisible pockets. Just in: Paul Smith’s Spring 2012 line of leather sandals for men and women, inc. the corky Bonita platform sandal.

Paul Smith Signature Accessories

And, finally, our best-sellingloafer for that ship-to-shore catwalk — gangway, we now carry women’s Swims!

Just in! Swims loafers for ladies

Takin’ it to the Max Wilson

by Cyn. Zarco

Max Wilson’s mantra: “I love stripes!” As if you couldn’t tell he’s got a thing for verticals. Comfy in Comme de Garcons Play‘s striped navy sweater, Ralph Lauren’s former VP of women’s couture is chilling dockside at The Standard like a tourist on a slow Caribbean cruise. But, make no mistake — Max is no stranger to South Beach. With a pied-a terre here and there, this New York designer snowbird has been flying south for the winter for some time now.

We ask him what he likes best at Babalu: “I l-o-v-e my blue Aussie Bum swim trunks! ” he says, laughing out loud like a young Geoffrey Holder then giggling with glee. “I like the orange ones, too, ’cause guess what — I l-o-v-e color!” No stretch there. No need to wonder why his accessories of choice are red Mosley Tribe shades, a Paul Smith satchel plus multi-stripe socks (apres swim) in the bag. “Oh, and when I’m here I live in Swims loafers,” he adds. “They’re so comfortable and chic. And, I can wash them!”

I’m so tired of drab,” says the designer watching a boat slip into Biscayne Bay. “Everything out there for men is grey, brown, black or navy. We’re not in the Army! That’s why I’m creating my own men’s collection — it’s classic, sporty, sexy…and fun! Like me.” LOL “And, affordable — not cheap, but not so out of reach like some European men’s lines, you only see a few pieces on the street.”

Mr. Wilson knows what he’s talking about. With a 30-year track record that reads like Women’s Wear Daily, he’s worked with the best — from Ralph Lauren, Calvin Klein, Zack Carr, Alixandre Furs, Dana Buchman, Philippe David Dessins to Sean Combs. Look book — www.maxwilson.net

“I’ve been in fashion since I moved to New York from Detroit to study at Parsons School of Design in the ’70s,” he says, eyes atwinkle. [Why is this man not on TV?!] “Now I’m on faculty. It’s all about giving back. I’m mentoring the future fashion designers of America.”

Photos: ©Cyn. Zarco2012


This year, Psychic Santa’s stylistina, Erika, came up with this nifty holiday gift guide for friends and family. Because we love them, warts and all. This year, be unique. Don’t get stuck like lemmings in a mall. Be smart. We’ve hand-picked each item with you in mind. Shop on! Give the gift of Babalu!


What’s Wrong? blister kit – Those pesky shoes won’t cramp your style, Te Neues Planner – Never miss an important date, KOR water bottle – Hydrate, Supersmile sample kit – Brighten each morning with a flavor a day, Missoni towel – No sharing


Brera watch — If you can’t be on time, be fashionably late, Eskuche or Beats headphones, Dupont lighter, Paul Smith cufflinks, Paul Smith socks, Comme des Garcons Converse high-tops.


Knots cuff links, Lamy fountain pen, Jawbone Jambox, Swims shoes, Luxury Toys for Men – the book, Shiseido Men Urban Environment, Geo F. Trumper sandalwood shaving cream


Missoni bathrobe, Eric Javits Squeshee hat, Shiseido Extra-Smooth Sun Protection Lotion, Avenue candle, cherry blossom, Kenneth Jay Lane Octopus Cocktail ring , Jao Goe Oil


Playsam wooden toys, Comme des Garcons t-shirt, Trumpette socks, Ray-Bans Wayfarers , Trumpette rhinestone piggy bank

How I Spent My Summer Vacation: A Montauk Memoir

by Guy de la Toure´

   When I rented an apartment in Montauk on Long Island, I didn’t know I was following the footsteps of the founder of Miami Beach, Carl Fisher. Maybe my subconscious took me to this special place. My love of the 1920s and ’30s is why I live in South Beach.
   I read that Fisher bought Montauk, three times bigger than Miami Beach, for $2.5 million in 1925. He put in $7 million. It was his second, and last, dream resort build-out. His vision — Monte Carlo on the Atlantic. His motto:
                                                  “Miami in the winter, Montauk in the summer.”
But, dampened by the 1927 hurricane then the Depression, the heydays of Montauk Beach were short-lived.
   I had never been to Montauk before. I flew in to New York, rented a car and drove up on Thursday before the bumper-to-bumper weekend traffic. I loved it, especially riding horses on the beach and having lobster for BYOB lunch at Duryea’s Lobster Deck & Seafood Market. duryealobsters.com
 We watched the sun set (and Julianne Moore sitting nearby) at The Crow’s Nest Inn.  I wore my blue-and-white Swims loafers from Babalu. They matched the decor!
   One night we were walking in the dark in the middle of the road waiting for a taxi when we saw this “Psycho” – looking motel. Here is a picture of the Breakers taken with my iPhone 4.
The tales of Montauk live on. I couldn’t stop Google-ing. In the mid-Seventies, Mick Jagger rented a cottage from Andy Warhol and Paul Morrissey for $5,000/month at the huge Eothen estate [now owned by J. Crew]. Mick’s good friend, photographer Peter Beard, also lived there. It didn’t take long for the Stones to turn it into their rehearsal studio.
Mick would bring in his own bottle of Grand Marnier to the Shagwong Tavern. Bianca would duck into the kitchen and shuck clams. shagwong tavern
   Mick wrote this song about Annie Liebovitz, their tour photographer:
Memory Motel
“We spent a lonely night at the Memory Motel
It’s on the ocean, I guess you know it well
It took a starry to steal my breath away
Down on the waterfront Her hair drenched in spray “
(c) 1975 Jagger-Richards/Rolling Stones-Virgin Records

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